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Henley On Thames, Oxfordshire · From August 2020

Happily married 🎉

25 October 2021

286days 8hours
Save the dates dilemma
Amelia, 24 October 2021 at 20:56

Just found out my aunty got married in a small low key affair (nobody new) and has planned a celebration in a couple of months. I planned to give my save the dates out next week. Been told that it may...

Lauren, wednesday 27-Oct-21 5
Registry office music
Hayley, 23 October 2021 at 09:46

Hello all, just wondering if any of you have registry office marriage experience? I understand you supply your own music. Would this be a song to enter, 2 to sign the register and 1 to leave? Also,...

Hayley, sunday 24-Oct-21 8
Cake size
RomanticBlueHair33815, 23 October 2021 at 20:17

Hi 75 guests. We are looking at a cake that serves 45-50 finger portions. Do you think this is ok? I'm working on the thoughts that not everyone will want cake?? What have you done?

RomanticGreenStation, sunday 24-Oct-21 2
Jennifer, 24 October 2021 at 09:53

Hello! Recently engaged and still in that lovely bubble. We've started to browse at venues and we're keen to get married in 2022. However it looks like that might be a challenge with Avaliablity. Just...

PhotographybyBillHad, friday 29-Oct-21 17
Covid panicking dec 2021 wedding
CBE, 20 October 2021 at 13:44

Hey everyone I just wondered if anyone else was in a similar situation with not being able to stop stressing about the wedding due to another lockdown or a restriction on numbers etc etc I cant seem...

Kath, wednesday 22-Dec-21 13 1
Han96, 18 October 2021 at 12:20

Would you do wedding speeches before or after the meal? I'm thinking of doing them before the meal but wanted to know other people's opinions

MrsW, saturday 23-Oct-21 7
Kimberley, 17 October 2021 at 21:10

Am I turning into a bridezilla for telling one of my bridesmaids to F off if she doesn’t like the bridesmaids dress I chose or not help me ladies

Fiona, wednesday 20-Oct-21 18
Floristry on a budget
Karisma, 17 October 2021 at 16:05

Hi everyone, We don't have a massive budget for flowers for our wedding, but as we are getting married in a barn and want simple rustic arrangements I hoped that we could get all the flowers done for...

Johnwilliam, monday 25-Oct-21 19 1
Guests pulling out disappointment
Frances, 15 October 2021 at 23:03

Hi everyone, Wedding is next weekend & I've had 3 day guests (aunt, uncle & cousin) pull out telling me Wednesday & today. Had 2 evening guests pull out yesterday too. Just feeling a bit...

Nathalie, tuesday 19-Oct-21 7
Cutting the cake?
Littlemy, 2 October 2021 at 17:18

We are having wedding cake but I'm not really keen on having cutting it made into a thing. I think cake cutting photos can look a bit outdated, but is it odd for it to be on display the whisked away...

RomanticGreenStation, thursday 7-Oct-21 14
Wedding Favours
Lauren, 28 September 2021 at 16:38

What is everyone doing as Wedding favours? I need ideas.

Littlemy, thursday 30-Sep-21 8
Anxiety levels - crazy high!!
Frances, 26 September 2021 at 22:46

Not only is there Covid, a bad cold going round and now petrol on top of normal wedding planning!!! 4 weeks to go - I don’t know if my nerves will take it! 😢 anyone else feel the same?

Voiceoftruth, monday 27-Sep-21 4
Honest question: how did you pay for your wedding?
Joro&Jro, 25 September 2021 at 23:12

We’ve just got engaged so havnt planned anything yet, but our guest list is currently way higher than expected. Trying to cut it down currently! My question is really, how on earth are you paying for...

Emma, friday 29-Oct-21 44
Hen do
Hayley, 26 September 2021 at 19:03

Sooo I guess I'll need a hen do haha. I'm not much of a go out clubbing person or much of a girly girl. I also don't want to spend a bomb because I'd rather spend it on the wedding. Any ideas or...

Hayley, tuesday 28-Sep-21 14
Tanning only shoulders
Voiceoftruth, 24 September 2021 at 21:43

I’ve almost definitely left this too late(!) as I’m fairly sure I want my shoulders covered anyway, but it has gotten me wondering: I have a pretty permanent “farmers tan” where my forearms and half...

Voiceoftruth, sunday 26-Sep-21 2
Flowers Budget: Am i crazy?
Pinkcoffee22, 17 September 2021 at 21:19

Hi, ladies, I'm looking for a bit of advice and maybe even a bit of 'No, you're not crazy!' feedback here, ha ha. My Mr and I have a budget of £45K for our wedding, so it probably goes without saying...

Voiceoftruth, saturday 18-Sep-21 5
Fake Cake?
Terri, 14 September 2021 at 15:35

Hi Guys, My fiancé and I are on a pretty tight budget, and we had the thought about having a fake cake for our wedding? we would get it professionally iced to save money. We are thinking this won't be...

Joro&Jro, saturday 25-Sep-21 16 1
Music during meal?
Jennifer, 11 September 2021 at 16:28

Hi all Is anyone planning on having any music live or otherwise played during your wedding breakfast? Someone told me recently this was the best part of their wedding! TIA x

SunnyYellowCars83937, thursday 25-Nov-21 10
What cake topper are you having?
Jennifer, 11 September 2021 at 16:31

I’d love to know what cake toppers everyone has chosen. There are so many I can’t decide what to go for! Bonus points for photos x

Michelle, saturday 18-Sep-21 7
Is a second photographer worth the extra cost?
Jennifer, 5 September 2021 at 21:03

Hi all We have the option of upgrading our photography package to one that includes a second photographer. What are the advantages & is it worth it? Is it just a case of you get photos from...

Charlotte, tuesday 7-Sep-21 5
Embarrassed about lack of friends
Emma, 25 August 2021 at 14:34

Hi everyone I’ve started planning my wedding, and while I’m really excited about getting married, I’m starting to feel really embarrassed at the lack of friends I have and how obvious it will be at...

Ebony, thursday 2-Sep-21 29 8
Any other Autumn / winter brides having a wobble about Covid?
Naomi, 23 August 2021 at 19:29

Hi all, Apologies for the slightly self-indulgent post (and sorry if this bums anyone out!) but would love any advice / input from anyone else getting married in Autumn / winter this year. I'm having...

Hayley, thursday 26-Aug-21 5
Social Media Florist Ghosting
Taslima, 21 August 2021 at 11:28

I have seen this florist on Instagram which I really like and she has everything I’m looking for. There is an enquiry form which I’ve filled in with my details, it’s been a few weeks now and I haven’t...

Elena, wednesday 25-Aug-21 5
Intimate Evening Reception Ideas
Abbie, 18 August 2021 at 22:06

Hey everyone! Firstly thank you for reading. I'd love some advice and inspiration as me and my fiance are feeling a bit 'stuck' planning the order of the day and would love to hear any ideas based on...

Elena, wednesday 25-Aug-21 4
Table plan
Julie, 17 August 2021 at 14:28

I’m struggling with the table plan as I have a tale with 4 and a table of 7 and I’m wondering if his is ok? It won’t work moving someone from the 7 to the 4 table.

Charlotte, wednesday 18-Aug-21 3
Readings during ceremony
Hannah, 11 August 2021 at 08:08

Hey guys! I’m wondering if it would be odd for 2 friends to do a joint reading at our wedding ceremony… has anyone heard of/seen this before? Would it be weird like they’re reading out loud at school?...

Laura, sunday 14-Nov-21 5
How do i ask my friends to plan my hen do?!
Aleysha, 3 August 2021 at 17:37

I get married in April 2022 and I've just had a sudden realisation that hen do planning should commence soon. I only have 1 bridesmaid who is my sister, 3 years younger who I am very close too. She...

Shannon, friday 6-Aug-21 7
Weekday Half Term Wedding
Gemma, 30 July 2021 at 12:37

Hi all, New here and in the early stages of planning our wedding. We have found a venue we adore and to get married on a weekday is substantially cheaper than a weekend. My OH is a teacher and the...

Rijbewijs, sunday 31-Oct-21 3
Church wedding
RomanticBlueHair33815, 25 July 2021 at 18:20

So today might be the first time I've started panicking. We thought we would love the church right next door to our venue so when viewing it H2B was just not getting the vibes at all. So we are...

RomanticBlueHair3381, monday 26-Jul-21 8
Old, New Borrowed, Blue... ideas anyone?
Kate7695, 16 July 2021 at 09:12

Okay, so I know there are discussions for.rhis already, but I feel like the suggestions are not right for me. Can you please read below and feedback any new ideas please? Thank you lovelies! X Blue:At...

Caitlin, tuesday 20-Jul-21 13
October brides - worried?
Frances, 12 July 2021 at 21:09

Hi girls! Just wondered if you’re anxious about restrictions lifting in the summer then a potential lockdown in October? It’s making me go a bit wobbly I’m definitely driving the groom mad! 😂

Frances, saturday 17-Jul-21 12

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