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Advice Please - What Worked Well On Your Day?!

Nepoly, 1 August 2020 at 11:55 Posted on Just Married 0 2
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Hi! 👋

We are currently planning our wedding for next July. We want a garden outdoorsy type of wedding which is quite informal! So far we have booked the church, the reception venue (which is a beautiful secret garden venue in our village) and the Gin Trailer (we know the priorities 😂)!
We are now looking at the rest of the day and thought I’d seek advice from the experts please! Do you have any recommendations for the following pretty please...?
1. Wedding Breakfast? (We’re not having a sit down meal.... so thinking BBQ? Sharing Platters? Canapés? That type of thing... but as wedding is at 12.30, we will need to feed our guests twice in the day..)2. Music..?3. Entertainment..? Family friendly fun..?! Did you have lawn games? Which were most popular?4. Something different that you arranged that made your wedding unforgettable?
Thanks in advance!!
Penny xxxx

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    Hi some timings for you.

    12.30 church - allow 1 hour which includes the guest leaving the Church and mingling with you outside.

    Thats 1.30, maybe bells - confetti few photos you wont be leaving until 2.00 - thats in the car and on your way.

    Arrive at venue average distance and time would be 1/2 hour - thats arrived and a drink in your hand.

    That brings you to 2.30 which I would expect any sitdown or buffet to be 1.5 hours later, so food at 4.00

    You could shave a lottle time here and there but no more than 1/2 total =3.30 food.

    BBQ sounds great.

    Garden games, giant jenga, frisby, velcro ball and pad, tin can ally with beanbags, all simple and easy things you can buy cheaply, when it comes to things like giant connect 4 you will have to hire that.

    Disco is normal.

    First dance at 8.00

    Bacon baps at 9pm

    Unusual things - how about archery - after the meal.

    Advice Please - What Worked Well On Your Day?! 1

    Advice Please - What Worked Well On Your Day?! 2

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  • Rebecca
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    We are having everything at one venue. DIY job so no staff! Planning on ceremony at 12 ish, stand up afternoon tea afterwards combined with mingling, photos, bit of alone time with the groom for me! Dinner at 6 ish then cheese (wedding cake) later in the evening for nibbles.
    We are having a caterer for the dinner but everything else is us ( both chefs!)
    As we are not having photographers etc and our venue includes accomodation, lots of different rooms to hang out in, outdoor space if the weather's good (march!) We don't feel we need entertainment other than the singers/music
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