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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.



Venue doesn’t allow confetti
Josh, 10 of June of 2024 at 21:54

Getting married in 2025 and our venue doesn’t allow confetti of any kind, whether biodegradable or not. Are there any effective alternatives? We’re not a fan of the idea of bubbles and I feel like...

Georgia, thursday 20-Jun-24 7 133
Bridesmaids faff
Christine, 26 of May of 2024 at 23:08

I am having a bit of a panic as to whom I should ask to be my bridesmaid or whether I should even have any at all! I don’t have a strong girl friend circle ( although I have lots of girlfriends, just...

SunnyPurpleFlowers85, wednesday 19-Jun-24 9 356
Social media uploads on wedding day
Abby, 1 of June of 2024 at 19:05

Hello girls Has anyone had to navigate through the fine line of guests posting pictures of you on social media on your wedding day?!! I don’t have a problem with people taking pictures together or of...

Georgia, sunday 9-Jun-24 11 392
Wedding cars
Gemma, 7 of June of 2024 at 07:38

Hi ladies (and gents) We've ordered wedding cars for 3 hours (which is there package) but the photographer said he thinks photos will take us over this time. I'm yet to contact the car company but has...

PhotographybyBillHad, sunday 16-Jun-24 2 26
Son of the Bride- Bride Escort
Donna, 10 of June of 2024 at 10:12

I love my dad very much but ive always said my son would walk me down the aisle. He'll be 23 by the time we get married. I have two queries.. is there anything I can have my dad do so that he doesn't...

RomanticGreenStation, saturday 15-Jun-24 1 22
Being 'given away' - but not by father of the bride
Janice, 29 of May of 2024 at 09:08

Hi there, I have asked my cousin to walk me down the aisle as my Dad is no longer with us. Has anyone else had another family member walk them down the aisle, and did that person have to fulfil...

Katy, sunday 2-Jun-24 3 55

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