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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.



Opinion on non-bridesmaids, bridesmaids
Clare, 24 June 2022 at 21:05

For a long time I've never wanted to have bridesmaids. Always felt they were a bit unnecessary, more stress and hassle finding dresses etc etc. However, now I'm actually getting married I'm not sure....

Lily, yesterday at 22:51 10 219
Really need some advice re incident at hen do
Clare, 21 June 2022 at 23:14

Hi all, Thank you for reading this. To cut a long story short my hen do was on Saturday night. Nothing over the top just my close friends going for a meal and a dance. I was back home in my bed by...

Maxine, yesterday at 16:22 15 549 1
Wedding photos
Pam, Yesterday at 23:52

We got married April 2022. Shortly after the wedding, I asked the photographer when he thought the photos would be done. He said he had a backlog of weddings to edit dating all the way back to 2021...

Pam, yesterday at 23:52 41
Best friend not coming
Ali312, 23 June 2022 at 17:26

HI all, So I got in touch with my best friend about my wedding recently (it's abroad) after travelling for a bit myself and he casually dropped that his passport is expiring and he needs to renew...

Ali312, friday 24-Jun-22 3 134
Bag or not bag?
Charlotte, 17 June 2022 at 11:47

I get married mid July, and I still can't decide on if I want or even need a bag. Who usually carries the brides bag? Does the bride even take a bag? I'm getting confused because traditionally the...

Charlotte, sunday 19-Jun-22 13 208
Two Weddings = stressful
Bride89, 20 June 2022 at 09:45

My friend and I (both bridesmaids for each other & our grooms ushers for each other) have ended up with our weddings being booked a month apart, which is obviously fine. However I feel like all...

Michelle, monday 20-Jun-22 7 227

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