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Curious November 2021 Hampshire

Do i use my new signature on dvla name change or my old one?

Rachel, 5 of September of 2023 at 16:24 Posted on Just Married 0 2
I'm filling out the DVLA form now and I'm confused, do I sign it with my old signature with my maiden name, or my new one that I'm changing to?

I'm guessing I'll need to use my new one as it will be on the license, or do I need to use my old one so they can check against my passport signature which I haven't renewed yet?
So confused!
Thanks in advance!

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Latest activity by James, 8 of November of 2023 at 00:45
  • H
    Expert November 2022 Lincolnshire
    Hayley ·
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    Use your new signature as that's what they will print on your licence. I asked DVLA about getting a new licence at the same time as a new passport and would that be an issue, I was told that they don't speak to the Passport Office for a name change so it doesn't matter.
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  • Rachel
    Curious November 2021 Hampshire
    Rachel ·
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    Amazing, that's good to know as my passport is next.

    Thank you so much, that makes sense!
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