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Beginner May 2025 Herefordshire

Post wedding blues - struggling to move on

Smile993, 14 of May of 2024 at 13:23 Posted on Just Married 0 4

Hi everyone, as the title alludes, I’m struggling to move on from the wedding day and think I’m experiencing some post-wedding blues. The day itself was wonderful. I got to marry my person in front of friends, family and loved ones, and I had a fantastic time. However, the lead-up to the wedding was probably some of the most stressful months of our lives. I struggled mentally with the pressure of looking perfect on the day; we both were very ill weeks before the wedding and weren’t sure if we were going to be well enough for it, and the day prior, a family member was hospitalised and didn’t attend. (All okay now). I feel like the stress of the wedding overshadowed the day, not just for me but for our family, too, and I’m struggling to separate the stress from the day itself. I can’t help but focus on the negatives rather than the positives. Years of planning went into this one day, for it all to be over, and I (selfishly) can’t get my head around that weeks later, everyone is just getting on with their lives. I just want to know if this is normal and if anyone else has ever felt this way about their wedding.

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Latest activity by Molly, 28 of June of 2024 at 21:16
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    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    It seems to be increasingly common these days. I suspect it is because, as you say, there is so much pressure to have the perfect day and months if not years of planning go into it, so you can be left feeling a bit flat once it's all over. I suspect very few people experienced wedding blues in the days when weddings were much smaller, simpler events!

    The best thing is to occupy yourself with something else to fill the gap left by the wedding planning. Maybe take up a new hobby, join an evening class or start a DIY project. And when you find yourself thinking something negative about the wedding, consciously look for a positive thought with which to replace it - 'starving' the negative thoughts of attention and 'feeding' the positive thoughts - because what we feed grows stronger.

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    Beginner May 2024 Pakistan
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    It's completely normal to feel a mix of emotions after your wedding day, and what you're experiencing sounds like a case of post-wedding blues. It's understandable, especially considering the stress and challenges you faced leading up to the big day.

    Remember, weddings are often portrayed as perfect fairy tale events, but the reality is they come with their own set of highs and lows. It's okay to acknowledge the difficulties you encountered and to feel a sense of loss now that the planning and anticipation are over.

    Try to focus on the positives and cherish the wonderful moments you shared with your loved ones on your wedding day. And don't hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or a professional if you're finding it difficult to move past these feelings. You're not alone, and it will get easier with time. Take care! 💕

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    Beginner July 2025 Suffolk
    Micro110 ·
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    I understand how you're feeling right now. First, let me confirm something: the emotions you're going through are quite common and are often referred to as post-wedding blues or post-wedding depression. Despite weddings being joyous occasions, the preparation and stress leading up to them can deeply affect one's emotions.

    Firstly, what you're experiencing is normal. A wedding is a significant event in life, often accompanied by intense emotions and pressure. You may have gone through months or even longer of nervousness and anxiety. These feelings don't just disappear when the wedding day ends. Instead, some people may feel a sense of loss, emptiness, or low mood after investing so much thought and energy into preparing for the day, only to suddenly feel a void when it's over.

    Secondly, feeling unable to focus on the positive aspects and noticing more of the negatives is also normal. This could be related to the stress and anxiety you experienced during the wedding preparations. During that time, you might have been more focused on problems and challenges rather than enjoying the moments of beauty. This mindset won't change overnight, but you can work on gradually cultivating gratitude and a more relaxed mindset to ease these feelings.

    Lastly, remember that you're not alone. Many people experience similar emotions after their wedding. Sometimes, sharing your feelings with your partner or close loved ones can help you better understand and manage these emotions. Also, don't forget to give yourself time to adapt to your new life status and roles—it's a completely normal and necessary process.

    If you find that these emotions are affecting your daily life or lasting for an extended period, considering seeking professional mental health support is a good idea. They can offer more specific support and advice to help you through this emotional transition.

    I hope this information is helpful to you, and I wish you the gradual process of stepping out from the shadow of your wedding day and rediscovering the joys of life.

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    Beginner October 2024 Worcestershire
    Molly ·
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    I'm sorry you feel like this. But I hear this is perfectly common. This is what I'm worried about also. We got engaged in July 2022 and get married this October 2024. So we've had a lot of time in between to plan and think about it all. But now its all coming so quickly. I have enjoyed planning it but there's so much stress that comes with it; hoping everything will be perfect.

    I agree with the others. Try and focus on the positives on your big day. Maybe plan something for the two of you, be it a trip or an activity to make sure you remember it is about the love the two of you share. All the bestSmiley heart Smiley smile

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