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Beginner October 2019

Regrets about the way I looked ...anyone else?

ExpensivePinkBridesmaid40725, 13 of May of 2020 at 20:23 Posted on Just Married 0 2

We got married in October and it was honestly the best day we could have asked for. Everything was perfect and I'm so thankful for that.

Since day one though I've regretted my dress and my hair. I loved my dress when I picked it. I knew it was the one at the time but then I got some niggling doubts. Everyone assured me I was being silly but I just wish I had listened to myself.

My arms look fat on the pictures and my dress kept riding up, I don't know what possessed me to go for a fitted dress, it wasn't what I intended to go for. I wish I had gone for a floaty dress with sleeves and had my hair up. I'm 29 and feel like I look older than my years. It makes me so sad every time I look at the pictures. Then I think about the amazing day and feel guilty for being so vein.

I know there's nothing I can do now and that I'm being vain and pathetic, but the truth is I'm self isolating with symptoms of COVID19 and finding myself overthinking everything like I usually do.

I suppose I just want to see if anyone has the same feelings that I do. I'd post a picture but I'm not sure how to do it ?

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Latest activity by Wedding Photography By Bill Haddon, 11 of June of 2020 at 11:36
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    Nice Content.

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    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    How do you normally feel about yourself in photos etc? Because I think a lot of how we think we look is based on how we feel, not how we actually do look!

    I've seen brides who looked totally stunning bewailing their 'fat arms' or their 'tummy sticking out', and honestly, no one else could see the problem!

    And it's a standing joke with my fiance that he thinks photos of us are great as long as he is cropped out, and I think photos of us are great as long as I'm cropped out!

    Sending hugs - I hope you feel better soon x

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  • Wedding Photography By Bill Haddon
    Wedding Photography By Bill Haddon ·
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    This is not uncommon and things can be done. Why don't you send me a shot that you would of liked if it were not for the issues that you mention and I will see if I can edit it and make it look like something that you are happy to show others.

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