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Beginner September 2019

Upset with friends

LuxuriousIvoryHair68446, 4 of November of 2019 at 10:59 Posted on Just Married 0 1

So we got married last month and it really was a perfect day, everything went smooth with no stress or issues. The main problem I am facing now is weird post wedding blues, mainly over the actions of my so called best friends. My MOH was amazing and cant be faulted but I had 4 other best friends there who didnt take any photos at all. I remember attending their weddings and having so many stunning photos which I use to frame or post at anniversaries etc. It makes me feel like they didnt really care about our special day and I didn't feel the love from them on the run up to our wedding, there just didnt seem to be any general excitement about it. Am I being an idiot?! My husband and I had the best day and the main thing is we love each other and got married for us but this started to bother me after attending my friends babys 1st birthday party, they all took photos and posted them on FB the next day, noone done that after our wedding. Why am I feeling like this?!

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Latest activity by HappyBrownCars2172, 12 of November of 2019 at 14:55
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    Maybe they didn't want to get in the way of the professional photographer (assuming you had one). Maybe they decided if a professional was taking pictures, there was no point them taking ones which wouldn't look as good. Maybe they wanted to concentrate on supporting you on your special day and not be distracted by photos. There are loads of reasons it could have been.

    You said you 'My husband and I had the best day and the main thing is we love each other'. Hold on to that. And don't let worry over why people didn't take photos spoil your memories. If your concern over your 'so called best friends' is limited to their lack of photo taking, then honestly, I'd let it go because it's probably nothing. If there are other warning signs, then maybe it's time to think about whether your best friends really ARE your best friends or whether you should be looking to make some new best friends. But either way, don't let this spoil the day when you got married to your best friend ever!

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    HappyBrownCars2172 ·
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    It's normal to feel the blues after I think. All the excitement has worn off and life kind of goes back to normal. I think it can influence the way you see things. They were probably really excited, but maybe super busy actually celebrating to worry about taking photos. I know I take more photos when I'm interested in something but not completely focused on it - as in, a bit bored and thereofre taking photos is something to do. They were probably too busy enjoying themselves!

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