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Beginner May 2019

Venue played wrong song for bride walking down the aisle

I_AM_GROOT, 13 of May of 2019 at 13:56 Posted on Just Married 0


As you can see from the subject header, we had a massive venue fail at one of the most important parts of the wedding Smiley sad

We only got married last saturday, and had booked the venue 18 months prior. We have the pre ceremony songs on one spotify playlist (downloaded as per venue request) and then the brides entrance music clearly stated under another playlist (called Brides entrance).

On the day it all for a bit close to the time and was a bit rushed with last minute jobs, but i went through the music again with the woman who was going to playing it, then went and took my place with my groomsman. I noticed no background music could be heard, so my best man went and queried this with the wedding coordinator and soon my playlist started.

The Registrar then came in and the music cut out, everyone stood as they announced the bridesmaid and bride, but the song that came on was one of the songs from the pre-ceremony playlist. I thought this was on for just the bridesmaids, and would stop and the correct song would come on for the bride, but then the bride appeared at the end of the aisle. I apologised when she got to me, and she was ok about it as she couldn't really hear it anyway and we didn't want it to tarnish the rest of the ceremony.

The songs for the rest of the ceremony were correct, as we had the best man playing guitar as we exited.

When the drinks reception started, we tried to have a few minutes with our son (just over 7 months old) and we just felt really conflicted about what had happened, and the host didn't say a word when we exited and she gave us our drinks.

We then tried to move on from it and enjoy our day with our guests, and before the wedding breakfast i double checked with the host about the music our entry, as we wanted a certain song on for it and what had happened with the aisle song.

The reply was - oh sorry the woman pressed on the new playlist but pressed play instead of the new song, so the song from before played. I felt so angry, but didnt want to create a scene at that point.

The rest of the day went brilliantly and was an amazing evening, and the venue/host were great all night, we just feel like one of the most emotional and important parts of the day was ruined by such a silly mistake, that could have easily been rectified by a number of people at the time.

We have since seen a video a guest took of my reaction, and this has made us even more upset about what has happened. We have been together almost 6 years, and in those 6 years my now wife has never seen me cry, i didn't even cry at the birth of our son Smiley sad This should have been my time, as the song we chose really hit me in the feels even before we picked it as the entrance song.

i smile at my beautiful bride down the aisle, but then my face turns to almost fear and i mouth "this is the wrong song, where's her song?" but by this point it was too late to do anything about it!

We were too busy sorting out the decorations the next day and packing for our honeymoon (just a Monday to Friday in Devon but with a 7 month old!) to say anything to the venue about it, as we knew we would be emailing them to follow up on a few things, which we are about to do.

We have searched on Google to see if this has ever happened to people before, but can't find anything Smiley sad honestly we don't even know what we want from the venue or what they can offer us, as no amount of money or sorry's could give us back that moment we should have had together, just want to get people's thoughts and opinions. I don't want to name and shame the venue, as all the rest of the wedding was amazing. We also had the wedding coordinator leave the week before our wedding, which was also another spanner thrown in the works when we got told at our final meeting.

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    Beginner September 2018
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    I can totally understand how angry you are, I had a similar experience we had planned to have photos taken at a very iconic picturesque area of our venue and was told time and time again access would be fine to find on the day it wasn't and we had to about a 15 minute detour to get to area, it made me very angry on the day and for weeks afterwards. All I can say is vent your anger via the email, you may not get any compensation but then nothing would compensate in the end, you will get over it and remember the best bits of the day. I think at the end of the day no day goes absolutely perfect but only you and your wife know what went wrong and I can honestly say I didn't even hear what music was playing on my day as I was so nervous.

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