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Beginner June 2004

Bah, only lost 1.5lbs last night

PoppetK, 19 of August of 2009 at 13:01 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 3

I've been going to Weight Watchers for 2 weeks now, lost 2lb in my first week and 1.5lb last night. Am disappointed with last night, I've been really good all week and honestly thought I'd lost more.

What makes it worse is the friend I go with lost a massive 4.5lbs last night! She's lost just over half a stone in the 2 weeks it's taken me to lose 3.5lb. She was very nice about it, she's a stone heavier than me so was pointing out that she's got further to go etc, but I do feel a bit disheartened.

Onwards and upwards I guess. Had a glass of wine last night as a treat but it's back to point counting today!

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Latest activity by Sare, 21 of August of 2009 at 18:35
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    Beginner December 2008
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    One and a half pounds is a great weight loss - imagine losing that every week ..... that'd be a great result. I wish I could say I'd lost the same amount! Everyone's bodies are different and weight loss patterns differ depending on metabolism, where you are in your monthly cycle, how much exercise you take etc. So think positive!

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  • Zooropa
    Super October 2007
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    WGMTS. That's really great. Sometimes you will lose more and sometimes less. I've been losing weight for 53 weeks now and have lost 53.5 lbs so am going at a rate of 1lb a week. It's that sort of loss you want to aim for as it's more sustainable in the long run and you're more likely to keep it off too ?

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  • PoppetK
    Beginner June 2004
    PoppetK ·
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    Thanks for the replies. My H said the same about it being a more substainable weight loss.

    Been a bad week this week though, H has been away all week with work so I've hardly been cooking at all. This means I've ended up picking and using a lot of points on barely enything.

    Plus we're off to Nando's tonight with our sons as they've not seen him all week..... and I'm desperate for a glass of wine!

    I think I'll just have to write this week off and try to run on the treadmill over the weekend x

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  • Sare
    Beginner September 2002
    Sare ·
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    After a half pound loss last night my target this week is a pound and a half loss.

    Just think, if you maintain that loss for a year you'll lose five and a half stone. Not to be sniffed at.

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