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Looking after your wellbeing while you're wedding planning is important. Discuss your health and fitness routines or help each other stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

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Getting “wedding Ready” Positivity Group
Mrsc-K2B, 7 June 2021 at 10:23

Hi everyone 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m getting married in 2023 and wanting to get back on track with feeling good about myself in time for my wedding. I’ve noticed a few posts on here recently about getting “wedding...

Mrsc-K2B, monday 7-Jun-21 52
Upcoming wedding and lockdown weight gain
Amy, 27 May 2021 at 07:15

Hi, I am hopefully getting married in the beginning of August and now feeling really down as i haven't lost the weight i was planning to for the wedding. I have actually put on more weight! I have my...

Sarahjs2021, friday 4-Jun-21 14 492
Staying accountable!
Kayleigh, 23 May 2021 at 17:04

I really just wanted to create a thread here to keep myself accountable for the next however many months it takes for me to hit target! I'm 16st 10lb atm. My target is eventually 10st 7lb so a long...

Michelle, wednesday 26-May-21 20 196 2
Wedding Dress
Markandlisa2022, 18 May 2021 at 13:41

Hi all in hitched land... I’m currently a 14-16 U.K. size have gone from a size 20 but I’m really struggling to overcome this plateau I’ve hit, I’m seriously frustrated lol any suggestions

Markandlisa2022, wednesday 19-May-21 10 227 1
Weight Loss Support
Mariette, 12 January 2021 at 08:34

Hi Ladies! I'm 5ft8 and currently weigh in at around 17.7 (after a 13lb weight loss). I get married in November 2021 and I'm doing slimming world to help me shift the lbs. Is anyone else doing...

AmberP, wednesday 21-Apr-21 40 1,030 3
Help appreciated! Healthy slimmimg down to size 6
Atgatt, 20 February 2021 at 16:48

Hello lovelies, here's my situation - I'm currently a healthy size 8 on top (when wearing a padded bra) and 10 at the bottom, a classic pear shape, and totally in love with mermaid style dresses....

HappyBrownCars12359, tuesday 23-Mar-21 4 330
Weight Loss Tips
Saffy, 13 January 2021 at 04:28

Hi Ladies, I am getting married next year and I would love to loose a lot of weight. I am currently a size 16/18 and would love to get myself down to a size 8/10 by my wedding. Any tips for helping to...

Farruhk, saturday 13-Mar-21 11 437 2
Weight Loss Motivation & Dress Advice
Stephanie, 11 February 2021 at 10:57

Hi all, I know there are lots of similar posts, so apologies. I have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully for years and am an unhappy size 20. I am getting married in May 2022 and have enjoyed wedding...

Farruhk, saturday 13-Mar-21 11 374 2
Struggling to lose weight!
Charlotte, 14 January 2021 at 15:13

Hello All! I'm getting married in August 2022 and am looking to lose weight for the wedding. I currently am 11st and am 5ft 3lb, im size 14 in clothing and would love to lose a st and a half! I dont...

Tesni, friday 12-Feb-21 5 230
Jamaica Wedding July 21 - Need to lose weight and tone up!
RomanticGreenBridesmaid30470, 20 October 2020 at 17:37

I’m getting married in Jamaica in July, so I’m looking to lose at least a stone and tone up, especially my legs and tummy area. I try really hard to follow the slimming world plan, which does work...

David, friday 12-Feb-21 13 282
Need help and motivation to lose weight
Judyta, 23 September 2020 at 05:26

Hi all! I'm not sure what to do, I want to lose weight until the wedding (August 2021) and I have plenty of time but I don't know how to start! I keep tripping and snacking and eating junk ? it almost...

Danielle, friday 22-Jan-21 14 716 3
Weight loss
Andrews, 31 July 2020 at 10:16

My wedding dress is a size 16 and I've lost a lot of weight I'm now a size 8 I'm in need of help plz

April21Bride, friday 8-Jan-21 9 433 1
Full Body hiit Wedding Workout
Nathalie, 21 July 2020 at 16:00

Full Body HIIT Wedding Workout

Ram, tuesday 29-Sep-20 1 142 5
SW- Can you eat oatcakes as a Healthy Extra B choice? (on a red day) ??
MrsW2b, 1 July 2008 at 19:14

Hiya, Was wondering if anyone knows if I could have Nairn Oatcakes as a healthy extra B choice? Its just I struggle as I can't have wheat - bread, crackers etc. Thanks

Emma, friday 14-Aug-20 9 37,853
Weight Loss Support Group
_Tinderella_, 11 November 2017 at 09:03

Hey all, Is there anyone else else on here who is hoping to lose some weight for the big day? I have a massive 6.5 stone to lose (1 stone down now!) before I get married in mid 2019. I wondered if...

Catherine, friday 14-Aug-20 19 4,123
Koshka, 22 May 2008 at 20:24

Been to my GP and he has perscribed me orlistat to help with my weight problems. I can't exercise much due to a back problem. So my weight has increased. My neurologist said I needed to...

Catherine, friday 14-Aug-20 15 11,104
What is the healthiest option for a chinese takeaway??
Becca, 21 August 2009 at 20:27

I am trying to turn over a new leaf, exercising, cutting back on portions etc, but I don't want to restrict myself so much that I fall off the wagon. H and I usually have a Chinese take-away every...

Catherine, friday 14-Aug-20 13 54,470
Juice Plus
machollie85, 19 February 2014 at 10:51

Hello, Has anyone done juice plus diet the shakes for their 16week programme? How did you find it and also did you pop weight back on once done the programme? I am not interested in their pills just...

Catherine, friday 14-Aug-20 9 4,783
Need help
Emily, 26 July 2020 at 20:10

Hey ladies need help!!! So tried on my dress and it goes on but you can see the rolls and I am not up for that. So any tips or help I need it

Emily, sunday 26-Jul-20 146
Resurge review
SunnyIvoryFlowers92008, 27 June 2020 at 06:21

Resurge is a fat burning supplement that claims to burn extra pounds around your body and also provides a deep sleep for you.

SunnyIvoryFlowers920, saturday 27-Jun-20 671
Those doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred
TheDitzyOne, 5 February 2012 at 18:44

Hi, I've just ordered this and it should be here ready for me to start tomorrow. I was just wondering, as having read a couple of threads on various forums, would you recommend buying some proper...

SunnyRedDiamonds8632, thursday 25-Jun-20 16 4,062
190 Days before my wedding and still 17 lbs to lose
SunnyGoldBridesmaid83232, 14 November 2019 at 16:56

Hi all, i am Kate and my partner finally proposed after 5 years relationship ! We planned it for May on the 23 rd. I am dreaming of that day since I am a little girl and especially about the dress....

RomanticGreenStation, saturday 18-Jan-20 1 1,488
Argh Bigger Bride freak out!
LittlePea19, 5 April 2017 at 17:17

Hi All, Having a massive wibble today.. I'm not a skinny girl, I'm a size 20-22 on the high street and I really don't want to be a big bride... I might have been looking at to many pictures of models...

SunnyOrangeCars839, tuesday 9-May-17 3 1,850
Wedding dress corset help!
SunnyBlueCars633, 22 June 2016 at 23:37

Hi I'm completely new to forums, I have never used one before so I thought I would give it a try... im getting married in 6 weeks, my wedding dress has been for alterations and I love it! Completely...

SunnyBlueCars633, monday 4-Jul-16 1 1,168
*unofficial* Slimming World Support & Discussion Thread
Mrs-Riley, 7 March 2016 at 15:40

Hi guys, (*ADMINS* Let me know if this isn't allowed- I know certain diet plan discussions might not be, and I'm no rule breaker!) I know a lot of you brides (and grooms) to be will be trying to...

LuxuriousGreenConfet, friday 15-Apr-16 8 3,645
Slimming world tearing us apart
, 7 November 2015 at 20:16

As with the title I'm scared we aren't going to make it to our wedding day. Every meal time has become a war zone. Arguing about the recipes arguing because be doesn't like his meals to be planned out...

ExpensiveBrownDiamon, thursday 17-Dec-15 5 1,958
wedding Dress challange.( Slimming world) wanna join me?
kerry2016, 1 January 2015 at 11:18

Hi everyone, Im starting slimming world on Monday and a exercise program i've found on youtube. it seems easy enough. My problem is I slip and then think ahhh well might as well eat the Chinese or...

Mrspanda18, sunday 24-May-15 37 6,674
Lighter Life
smccallum, 2 January 2015 at 14:22

Happy New Year ladies! I was just wondering whether anyone has had any experience (personal or know somebody) who has tried Lighter Life or Lighter Life Fast (the 5:2 diet)? Thanks.

josephineperry, wednesday 13-May-15 7 2,042
5:2 diet
Sambarine, 8 January 2015 at 15:53

Has anyone done this diet? My parents had a lot of success with it, I'm just worried I couldn't stick with the fasting days as I'm a real grazer... however, with only 4 1/2 months til the wedding and...

Violet89, monday 6-Apr-15 10 3,396
30 Day Shred before/after/success stories?
, 15 February 2014 at 21:27

It appears that I've been living on another planet and I've only just heard of the 30 Day Shred. It seems too good to be true?! Just wondering what other people's experiences if following the...

AmyE85, wednesday 19-Nov-14 38 12,356
Operation Wedding Body Starts Today!
SallyADenton, 8 September 2014 at 16:14

Hey Ladies, its a bit long sorry! I am starting Operation Wedding Body today. Its daunting as over the last 2 years I have put on 4 STONE!!! I am gutted, I got comfortable and lazy and made excuses....

fitwed, wednesday 15-Oct-14 4 1,238
Fat arms ruining everything!!
MrsHD2015, 7 December 2013 at 09:38

Hi all I am not particularly overweight, I am a size 12 and 5ft4, I am planning to lose a little weight before the big day (18 months to go). I tried on some dresses the other day and they made my...

Stephanie104, wednesday 30-Jul-14 20 4,314
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