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Dress shopping when not at ideal weight

26 of August of 2011 at 19:42 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 1

Hi guys,

My boyfriend and I are getting married next August (YAY!!!!). I have piled on the pounds in recent years and now have a real reason to give myself a kick up the backside and get myself into shape. I was once a happy size 10-12 and have BALLOONED to a size 16-18 Smiley sad. I got down to a 10-12 through WW a few years back and know it works. I got back on the WW program 4 months ago when we got engaged and have so far lost 1 1/2 stone. I have joined the gym and am working hard to shift the weight. I would like to be a comfortable size 12 for the wedding. I know I can do it the only problem I have is trying on wedding dresses. It advises that you buy a dress 6-9 months before the big day so you can allow for alterations but I feel REALLY uncomfortable going into bridal shops to try on dresses at my current size as the samples all seem to be size 12-14. I dont want my first shopping experience to be an unhappy one! My chief bridesmaid keeps telling me how urgent it is to get around the shops. How have you all found the shopping experience? Has anyone else been in a similar situation and had a good experience? I think only other brides understand this predicament.



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    I am in a similar situation. I have put on a fair bit of weight and I am in the process of losing weight through weight watchers (although I seem to have got myself into a rut lately and not losing much!) I have been to try my wedding dress and they have advised me to buy the dress at the size I am now and then have alterations made nearer the time, as it is better for the dress to be that bit big rather than too small. I went and tried on the dress and then asked them when did they advise me to order the dress by, and they said the end of September (I am getting married in March). So I am waiting to order it in the hope that I may lose some more weight before then! I checked with the shop that the dress would still be available then and they said it would be. I understand your predicament about the dress size samples. Some of the dresses I tried on where too small, so the assistant in the shop just didn't fasten it properly. This way I still got to see what it would look like on me. You still have 3 - 6 months before you need to go to the wedding shop, it is possible that you may have dropped to your dress size by then (I have lost over a stone in 10 weeks, so I am hoping that by my wedding day I will be a size 12). I hope this has helped you in some way! Have fun planning! x

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