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Beginner May 2024 West Yorkshire

Booking hair and mua before trial?

Kate, 18 May 2022 at 20:00 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 5
I’m getting married in May 2024 and wondering about hair and make up. I want to be organised and have been to a few wedding fairs where hair and make up artists have told me they’re already taking 2024 bookings.

I dont want to book someone without trialling them but know the main pre-wedding trials are supposed to be just a few months before, to finalise styles etc. But by then all the good people will be booked!
Do I just go and get my hair/make up done soon as if for a night out so see if I like the general quality of the products, how long is lasts, vibe with the person. Then book them and have trials to decide styles closer to the time?

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Latest activity by Jules, 25 May 2022 at 15:16
  • Yorkshirelass
    Expert July 2022 Surrey
    Yorkshirelass ·
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    I think it would be unusual to have a test run before the wedding trial and you would also likely be charged for that. I googled Hair and make up on this site and contacted a couple of artists who quoted a lot of money-like £250-300 just for the bride. I was then contemplating doing make up myself but my florists daughter is a hair and make up artist so I looked at her Instagram and then booked her. I was nervous as I don’t do a lot of make up and only get my hair done once in a blue moon but I thought I deserved it for the big day. I’ve had my trial which cost £100 and I was so pleased! She totally got what I wanted and I was thrilled. The actual hair and make up on the day is £150 for me so I felt this was better than previous quotes. In my experience I wasn’t prepared for way it worked with the trial and then the actual day and I wasn’t even prepared for how much the trial cost, but that’s the way it works! If you wanted extra trials then you need to be prepared to pay as experienced hair and make up artists won’t give up their time for free.
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  • Michelle
    Curious June 2023 Worcestershire
    Michelle ·
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    I've literally just booked my hair and makeup for my 2023 wedding. I won't be doing a trial until couple of months before, but the girl I've booked with has done 2 other girls I know within the past couple of years and they both have very similar skin tones to myself so I'm pretty confident she'll be able to do what I'm after
    I would just say to make sure you go through lots of their photos to see if they can produce the kind of look you're going for and have a look at their reviews. If you know anyone who can personally recommend to you that's always a bonus.
    The only problem you might have with using night out makeup as a tester is they may use different products due to longevity so you may not get the best idea of what the wedding day look will be
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  • L
    Dedicated September 2023 Derbyshire
    Lizzie ·
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    It's one of the things I've struggled with a bit too. I don't wear makeup unless I have to, but thought the wedding was a good reason. I did a lot of looking at pictures on here and other places, and sent some enquiries. I chose someone whose pictures reflected the style I like, and seemed friendly. It's all a bit of a gamble - as with so much at this point, booking for next year leaves me just hoping they're all still in business when the time comes! - but sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I've done that on most of my suppliers and so far it has been working out OK!

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  • Kate
    Beginner May 2024 West Yorkshire
    Kate ·
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    Thanks everyone for your insight! Sounds like the done thing is just to book someone with good pics/reviews. I guess i just thought most artists would also do other events so I would be able to try them out before booking, but this is really helpful to know!
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  • Jules
    Beginner September 2022 Gloucestershire
    Jules ·
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    A word of warning - booked my hair and makeup in Feb and just had my trial . Wedding in September . Stylist was from Hitched recommendations. We were so disappointed with the trial - paid £197 for it and was nothing like I expected . And now she won’t give me my deposit back . So do not pay a deposit until after the trial !
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