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Newbie Bride July 2021 Kent

Boris’ announcement!

Kirsten, 22 February 2021 at 23:15 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 11
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Hope everyone is ok after the announcement today. I’m aware we’re SO luck that we’re after June 21st, but how much are people believing that? We’re a July 16th wedding and I can’t decide whether I think we should be restricted to 30, or if I should plan for our original numbers?
Thanks in advance x

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Latest activity by Maxine, today at 17:18
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    Newbie Bride July 2021 South West London
    Maxine ·
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    Hi Kirsten,

    We are July 17th so a day after you. Like you, I’m still being cautious but continuing to plan as normal. Ultimately we will know a week before the 21st June anyway. I always anticipated it would be a last minute scramble, but trying to keep positive that we can have the wedding we hoped for. I hope this helps somewhat xx
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  • Hollie
    Newbie Bride September 2021 Staffordshire
    Hollie ·
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    I'm 4th September and I don't know whether I'm being too optimistic about having original numbers, however I think I will plan for that for now and just see what happens closer to rather than scrambling round last minute for an extra 100 guests.

    Fingers crossed that all goes in our favour!

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  • R
    Newbie Bride September 2021 South East London
    Rosie ·
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    We're 18th September and feel the same as you Hbur08. I feel like it's given enough confidence to start at least trying to plan the original wedding with full numbers, although I'll probably still keep the 30 person back up plan on standby!

    It's a lot more optimistic news than I was expecting and good to know they're at least trying to work towards lifting the restrictions on numbers this year, although if the last year has taught me anything it's that nothing is certain and anything could happen!

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  • Nima
    Newbie Groom September 2021 West Yorkshire
    Nima ·
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    18th september too for us, feeling very positive now, still with caution but looking promising!

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  • C
    Newbie Bride September 2021 Nottinghamshire
    Caroline ·
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    I'm the 18th September too. The announvement did feel a little too positive to be able to jump from 30 to however many you like. I got rid of my MH a few weeks back and just planned to keep my young cousin so 30 would work for us.
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  • Jackie
    Newbie Bride July 2021 Merseyside
    Jackie ·
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    Hi, its tight for me, im the 3rd July!!! but going for it, staying positive as always.

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  • Claire
    Newbie Bride June 2021 Northumberland
    Claire ·
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    We are 19th June deciding to go ahead with 30 but even that is not yet guaranteed with numbers as each step will be reviewed, I thought about delaying a week to have "unlimited" but you can't go from 30 to 100 in the space of 2 days it's not logical. Even guidance on reception has not been given, are you allowed music or not it's a poor show again for wedding guidance.
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    Curious Bride July 2021 Hertfordshire
    ExpensiveGreenCakes49831 ·
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    We’re the 24th July and going ahead with full numbers (128 but happy to cut the kids out to make it 100).

    I’m banking on the current rate of vaccinations as they seem to be focussing on that and just hoping for the best.
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  • Summerdream2021
    Newbie Bride July 2021 Hertfordshire
    Summerdream2021 ·
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    We're the 10th July! We're staying optimistic that we can go ahead with the wedding we want and with the full guest list (but we have our back-up smaller guest list just in case)

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  • Jazzystars86
    Newbie Bride June 2021 West Sussex
    Jazzystars86 ·
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    We are 5 June and have decided to go ahead too - we can't push back by a few weeks as there isn't availability that works for us and next year isn't an option - we just want to be married! Also - I agree - it is risky and it seems incredible that you go from 30 to unlimited. I am also astounded that concerts, indoor stadiums will open with 50% capacity or at least 1,000 but weddings don't get to abide by the same criteria! It is frustrating that there is still no more detailed guidance. I really feel for everyone pre 21 June - it's horrible. But also hoping everyone post 21 June gets the day they want!x
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  • A
    Newbie Bride August 2021 Powys
    AugustBride1994 ·
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    We are 14th August and hoping for the best!! The only issue with us is that we are in Wales and the Welsh Government seem to be refusing to give any long-term goals, so unsure what to do? I'm hoping with the vaccinations ramping up, cases will come down and we should get back to some sort of normality in line with England. Although Mark Drakeford seems to like to bash England's plans and do SOMETHING different, just to be awkward! Smiley xd

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