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Get wedding planning help, advice and ideas from fellow forum members. Ask your planning questions and share tips about everything from staying on top of your budget to what's next on your wedding planning checklist.



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Barcelona Hen Party - Places to Stay
MoorWedding, 14 of November of 2014 at 13:10

Hello I am planning my hen party for the end of July (2015) in Barcelona. There will be 15 of us, and I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for places to stay. Looking for somewhere close...

Dental, yesterday at 21:15 7 3,432
Interesting reception entertainment?
Victoria, 24 of April of 2024 at 03:47

We are having an indoor/outdoor reception and I need some inspo for reception entertainment. We already have a digital Photo Booth and dancing set up. I’m waiting on rates for a silhouette artist, as...

Eddie, yesterday at 10:58 9 337
Hair piece help
Justkeepswimming, 15 of April of 2016 at 22:18

Where did you guys get your bridal hair pieces from? I am after a dainty clip with a few diamantés and pearls to go at the top of my loose bun. The bridal shop ones are about £90 though! I had a quick...

Bel, thursday 20-Jun-24 6 1,356
Maida, 17 of June of 2024 at 11:54

HI evrypne so imq here because im in charge of orginizing my brothers weding and evrything on me so please if you have any tips or things you wish you did or stff i cant forget to help me just a...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 19-Jun-24 2 17
How to organize an elopement
Mayv, 18 of June of 2024 at 07:01

Good morning all, It’s my first post here. Trying to find out how to organize a small but beautiful elopement for our families and us. I’ve always been fascinated by Scotland and would like to go...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 19-Jun-24 3 16
Eyelashes... idiots guide please! (FLASH!)
Nims, 24 of January of 2015 at 18:45

Hello Hitchers. My lovely MUA tried out a strip of false eyelashes on me, using black glue (which looked like eyeliner). I REALLY liked the look, I've never worn eyelashes in my life!! BUT getting the...

PhotographybyBillHad, wednesday 19-Jun-24 22 2,951
Lauren, 10 of June of 2024 at 20:23

I have chosen my bridesmaids and have made the decision not to include my SIL as part of the bridal team. There has been issues in the past with my SIL and her husband but we have now moved on and can...

Shay, wednesday 19-Jun-24 4 109
Jrl, 18 of June of 2024 at 12:12

Hi, I've posted before about one of my bridesmaids. She hasn't responded to any messages in the group chat since December. Now we're only 2 months away from the wedding, she hasn't answered me if she...

SunnyPurpleFlowers85, wednesday 19-Jun-24 3 44
Wedding website and wedshoots
Lorraine, 24 of May of 2024 at 09:31

Hi Has anyone used Hitchens wedshoots for their guest photos. I’m curious into see how they found the process and if your guests found it easy to us? Or if anyone knows of any other that they can...

SunnyPurpleFlowers85, wednesday 19-Jun-24 9 272
Games for family get together!
PenelopeP, 25 of September of 2008 at 11:22

We're having a family get together the day before our wedding. Most of our families have never met because mine live abroad. We're getting together in the afternoon for afternoon tea and I was...

John, wednesday 19-Jun-24 11 8,803
Betting/Gambling Wedding Favour Ideas
LuxuriousRedHair663, 5 of February of 2018 at 19:47

My fiancé and I love betting - football coupons, betting at the races etc! Looking to do a few different things! Iv heard of football coupons, single bets on horses...! Just wanting something bit more...

Garold, tuesday 18-Jun-24 7 1,341
Is this a good deal?!
Sarah, 2 of June of 2024 at 18:19

I feel like I've looked at every venue within 30 minutes of both sides of our families, I wanted something that wasn't really expensive but nicer than the Rugby Club, I think this venue is a nice...

Sirapey, tuesday 18-Jun-24 2 140
Is anyone NOT having a disco or band?
annie2000, 28 of November of 2011 at 18:04

We are thinking that a disco or band with just 30 guests will be a bit much, trying to find ideas of alternative evening entertainment alongside background music. Has anyone else not had disco or...

Alisher, monday 17-Jun-24 4 1,010
Explore our most quirky wedding vendors! 💎
Dani, 17 of June of 2024 at 10:00

Hey Hitched couples! Alright, we have a confession to make... We have been gate-keeping these one of a kind wedding vendors, so we thought it’s about time we let you in on how to take your wedding day...

Dani, monday 17-Jun-24 14
Downloading Wedding music - Tom Odell Help
MrsKHbutterfly, 27 of June of 2014 at 22:53

Hi Lovelies, I've noticed in a few posts that a few of you are having Tom Odell's Grow old with me as part of your music. We are also thinking of having this.... but..... I can't find a clean...

Emily, monday 17-Jun-24 62 20,912
Robyn, 17 of June of 2024 at 00:11

Hi all, How do you get rid of the other menu options on the drop down menu? I have choices for mine so have made a drop down as write in notes but loads of others have dropped down and I can't get rid...

Robyn, monday 17-Jun-24 5
Help, bridesmaids!
Haley, 11 of June of 2024 at 21:02

Hi, so i have no idea who to choose as my bridesmaids. I know i want 2 or 3 but i moved to UK from NZ 8 years ago and haven't really made any friends in this time. I have 1 friend that lives near by...

Haley, sunday 16-Jun-24 2 34
No Smoking???
pinkandteal, 17 of February of 2014 at 11:48

Hi all, bit controversial I fear, but is there a way I can say 'don't smoke here' without being mean or coming off as too judgemental??? The issue is our venue includes a conservatory and outdoor...

Alfred, sunday 16-Jun-24 8 1,592
Handpainted Cakes -west Midlande
Mon, 15 of June of 2024 at 21:47

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of anyone who makes cakes and can paint a design on the cake? Just wanted to cover all bases!

Mon, saturday 15-Jun-24 11
Ideas needed, how to utilise spare room at venue
Princess Bride 2013, 5 of January of 2014 at 10:27

Hi, I was hoping for some inspiration. I have exclusive use of my reception venue and have a spare room just off the balcony on the second floor. I would like to utilise this in some way, its a good...

Marisol, saturday 15-Jun-24 7 2,967
Grow Old With Me - Tom Odell, does anyone have the clean version of this song?
Emily, 12 of June of 2024 at 15:15

We are really wanting this song for the registration of the marriage however I can't find a clean version anywhere that doesn't have the lyrics "make me come" in the song! If anyone has an edited...

Greeny, friday 14-Jun-24 28
Hair extensions?
thatlassoverthere, 10 of June of 2018 at 17:16

Hi everyone, I'm getting married in Italy this September and want to give some extra length to my shoulder length hair. My hair is quite thick so I'm not worried about volume, but am completely new to...

Ziyad, thursday 13-Jun-24 3 1,044
'Alternative' yet affordable wedding dresses
silver_butterfly, 23 of January of 2013 at 16:38

Hello all, I'm currently looking for my wedding dress but I am on a bit of a budget. and as I'm not looking for a traditional white wedding dress, I have a bit of a task at hand! I have found some...

Nancy, thursday 13-Jun-24 13 3,819
Hylands House Estate, Chelmsford
Soon2BeMrsG, 29 of July of 2015 at 12:59

Hello fellow B2Bs! Has anyone booked (or know anyone that has) or thinking of booking Hylands House Estate for their wedding? If so, were you able to negotiate the hire price or get any little extras...

Metveronicas, thursday 13-Jun-24 9 1,286
Church to reception
Gina, 12 of June of 2024 at 13:19

Hi all, So I get married in August in a church at 15:00, the service lasts for 1 hour, then the photographer will be doing photos outside the church whilst the florist moves the flowers to the...

PhotographybyBillHad, thursday 13-Jun-24 2 32
Small Circle
Karen, 11 of June of 2024 at 16:04

I have a very small circle of friends, and an even smaller family. My other half is the opposite! How do I reassure him its okay? I personally am okay with my number of guests on my side and don't...

RomanticGreenStation, thursday 13-Jun-24 3 32
How shall I send business card size save the date magnets in the post?
*Pugsley*, 27 of January of 2013 at 12:49

Hi My save the dates are business card sized magnets I bought from Vistaprint on one of their freebie offers. We're really happy with how they've turned out as they were a design we uploaded ourselves...

Duncan, wednesday 12-Jun-24 10 1,467
Best Wedding Planning Book and Magazine
L Brown, 29 of May of 2024 at 23:44

Hi all, Very recently engaged and am so excited to start planning my dream wedding. Does anyone have any planners and magazine recommendations? Thanks so much!

Katrina, wednesday 12-Jun-24 2 73
Hair and make up
Laura, 24 of May of 2024 at 17:22

Is it better to have 2 suppliers for this. One for make up and one for hair? Or have one that does both? I have 5 bridesmaids to have hair and makeup too. Also, is it usual for bridesmaids to have a...

Katrina, tuesday 11-Jun-24 4 103
Charger Plate Hire - Chester / North Wales
Amy, 8 of April of 2024 at 14:26

Hi All - hoping for some suggestions for a company that will hire out charger plates in the North Wales / Chester area. Thank you

Alight, tuesday 11-Jun-24 53
How can I incorporate cricket into my wedding without it being tacky?
hannahstorey17, 17 of February of 2015 at 14:44

I'm currently planning my wedding which is this summer, set in a barn. It is going to be very classic and chic with lots of white and pastel colours with flowers everywhere. My husband to be is a...

Metveronicas, tuesday 11-Jun-24 5 2,413
Anyone getting married in Yorkshire this summer?
Chris, 2 of May of 2024 at 09:13

Anyone getting married in Yorkshire over the next couple months ? I'm looking to expand my portfolio so offering full day wedding videography for just £200. Please Dm for details or to seem my work...

Jhon, tuesday 11-Jun-24 34

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