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Wedding aisle
Eli, Yesterday at 21:12

Hello there, I’m planning on doing my aisle decor by myself, but I do have some questions, how long should it be for 50 guests approx, I read somewhere that between each chair is 1 m but how much from...

Eli, 30 minutes ago 9 71
Wedding favours
Chrispot22, 22 January 2022 at 20:32

I'm getting married in a few months and I don't know if favours are worth doing? I wasn't going to bother but was open to the idea of edible ones like cookies or cake pops. My fiancé likes the idea of...

Olivia, an hour ago 4 104
Anyone else not booking a photographer?
ExpensiveYellowConfetti904, 6 September 2017 at 17:15

Hi! My partner and I have decided not to have a professional photographer. The quotes we were getting were simply astronomical, the ones which weren't left a lot to be desired! We really don't like...

RomanticGreenStation, 2 hours ago 37 9,188 1
Shelby, 22 January 2022 at 10:12

Hi! Please can you all help me, I am stuck on how many evening guests I need to cater for! We are having sausage/bacon butties with chips as our evening food. We have 99 day guests that will be eating...

RomanticGreenStation, 2 hours ago 4 80
Wedding Day Timeline
Kelssie, 20 January 2022 at 11:46

Hello everyone, Wondering if anyone can help or have any resources they may have used when creating a wedding day timeline? We don't have a wedding planner and a lot of this is DIY wedding, we are...

PhotographybyBillHad, 2 hours ago 5 89 2
Evening music
Bernice, Today at 10:00

Hi, we are getting married in May, both of us in our early 70’s. we are having a small wedding of 40 people ceremony being 4.30 and dinner from 6.30. We will try and eek out the meal but are in a...

Bernice, 3 hours ago 3 32
The after ceremony meal
Jaydeen, 22 January 2022 at 22:01

I've had a lot of people trying to input on my wedding and it's caused so much stress so I thought I'd ask here. My fiancé and I are not wanting the meal after the ceremony due to getting married in...

Emma, 4 hours ago 12 288
Frances, 19 January 2022 at 15:53

Hi, I have a digital copy of our save the dates and invitations and am looking for a company to print them. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

Sophie, yesterday at 22:46 2 47
Abigail, 22 January 2022 at 08:49

Hi does anyone know where I can buy some artifical flowers that are not to expensive? to create wedding decorations? Many Thanks!

Sophie, yesterday at 22:41 5 39
Transport for bridesmaids
Katherine, Yesterday at 17:19

Just wondering what others are doing regarding getting bridesmaids to the wedding venue? I was going to ask my family to take them in their car but a couple of family members thought that seemed odd....

Katherine, yesterday at 21:52 2 53
Save the dates & wedding website
Sassy, Yesterday at 18:46

Hi guys! Just looking for a bit of help! I’ve ordered our save the dates and am just thinking I’ll need to write names of the people we are inviting on the back of them as not everyone in all...

Tamsin, yesterday at 21:47 3 29
Jacqui, 22 January 2022 at 19:06

Hi I am new to this and planning my wedding for august 2022 and just wondering how many people use there own vows or the traditional ones Also I am looking at a honeymoon in the UK does anyone have...

PhotographybyBillHad, yesterday at 21:31 6 121
Eli, Yesterday at 21:17

Hello again. We are trying to get married on August this year, we don’t have anything booked as yet, my fiancé is not being of much help so I’m going crazy about every little thing, does anyone knows...

Eli, yesterday at 21:17 36
Hotel before wedding
Lucy, Yesterday at 08:18

Hi everyone. I feel like I'm hugely overthinking this, but if you're staying in a hotel the night before getting married, where do you get ready? My fiancé and I plan to stay in an apart-hotel the...

RomanticGreenStation, yesterday at 21:12 6 196
Wedding insurance - do any cover covid restrictions?!
Chloe, Yesterday at 13:14

A boring one…! We’re looking at WedInsure but notice it will only cover if one of us (or an important party member) is properly sick, not if Covid rules mean the Wedding needs to be changed due to...

Yorkshirelass, yesterday at 16:59 1 46
West Yorkshire venues
Kelly, Yesterday at 08:53

Hi Please can anyone help with venue recommendations in West Yorkshire? We do not want a sit down meal as we’d rather have more guests and a less formal hog roast or bbq etc. We love Oakwell Hall but...

Abigail, yesterday at 10:35 1 19
Alcohol licence
Anthea, 22 January 2022 at 07:40

We've hired a village hall for our reception and we're unsure whether we need a licence to serve our own alcohol. Does anyone have any experience with this? We can only find information online if...

Tamsin, yesterday at 08:36 2 33
LuxuriousPinkCars63574, 5 January 2022 at 12:17

Hi i am getting married a hour away from my home town and around 40 50 guests are from same place is it cheeky for me to book a coach then message guests and say they can pay to the transport company...

LuxuriousPinkCars635, yesterday at 01:23 3 124
Fiancé’s niece as bridesmaid?
Kate, 22 January 2022 at 17:22

Hi, we are getting married in May 2024 and just looking for thoughts on my bridal party as fiancé wants me to have his niece, who will be 4, but I am not keen. I am planning to have my best friend as...

RomanticGreenStation, saturday 22-Jan-22 3 67
2 years in advance, people being downers
Kayleigh, 21 January 2022 at 14:31

Has anyone else booked 2 years in advance and found people are weird about it? Like "oh, why so far?" Or "how are you so excited when it's that far away?" As if people don't get excited about and...

Michelle, saturday 22-Jan-22 7 139
Wedding breakfast band recommendations - not secret waiters
Kirsty, 22 January 2022 at 14:45

We really want a way of getting all our guests to be up and dancing during our wedding breakfast so we won’t have that normal lull during this point. We have been to weddings where they have had the...

Kirsty, saturday 22-Jan-22 41
Rothley Court
Tanya, 21 January 2022 at 13:53

Hello everyone I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has had a wedding at rothley court around October time and have their feedback on the wedding reception. I am looking at having 90 guests in...

PhotographybyBillHad, saturday 22-Jan-22 2 33
Etsy flowers
Zara, 20 January 2022 at 13:54

Hello, I love these dried flowers from Etsy, I have all what I need in the basket. But the site mentions to order 3 months before, I get married in September so I don't need to order them yet. Has...

Abigail, saturday 22-Jan-22 7 138
Help & inspiration
Abigail, 21 January 2022 at 17:41

Hi! Long time since I posted. Just want some ideas and help!! Bride to be in a panic realising I’ve only got 400 year before I get married Help! How long before my wedding should I go dress shopping?...

RomanticGreenStation, friday 21-Jan-22 6 165 1
Day/evening guests- wedding website
Sammylea, 21 January 2022 at 07:57

Hi please help!! I’m trying to make a wedding website to save money on invitations- I’m just about there! But….. what do we do for the evening guests as the website refers to the day and all of the...

Sammylea, friday 21-Jan-22 9 101
Wedding favours for preteens
Kirsty, 20 January 2022 at 19:35

Hi everyone weve got 9 kids coming to our wedding so were doing wedding favours which we already know what were putting in my question is we have 4 pre teens starting from the age of 12 to 15 years...

Kirsty, friday 21-Jan-22 4 59
Wedding cake drama
Luxuriouspinkcars60789, 21 January 2022 at 13:47

My mother in law is baking our wedding cake, family recipe which is to die for, but the issue is, she is not confident to decorate the cake. I am desperately trying and failing to find a cake baker...

Luxuriouspinkcars607, friday 21-Jan-22 5 110 1
Wedding Venue Help - which one for our destination wedding in Portugal?
Niamh, 21 January 2022 at 15:56

We can’t decide on a venue for our destination wedding in Portugal. Option 1 is a rustic countryside venue. Option 2 is a tropical palm tree hotel.

Charlotte, friday 21-Jan-22 1 17
Wedding entertainment
Dan, 20 January 2022 at 20:03

Hi, I'm looking at ideas for wedding entertainment and I've seen a company that hire out virtual reality headsets. Has anyone ever had vr headsets at their wedding for entertainment and did it go down...

Luxuriouspinkcars607, friday 21-Jan-22 3 61
Reception capacity for Brooksby hall
Tanya, 21 January 2022 at 11:14

Hey! I'm considering Brooksby Hall for a wedding reception but I am only looking at around 90 evening guests. Has anybody had this number? thinking (Villiers Hall) I'm worried it will feel a little...

PhotographybyBillHad, friday 21-Jan-22 4 47
Selling drugs
Michelle, 11 June 2021 at 16:36

What is going on with this site now its selling cannabis its stupid

Michelle, friday 21-Jan-22 4 129
How did you pick your Bridesmaids?
Sara, 20 January 2022 at 14:59

Hello Brides! I would love to know how you picked your Bridesmaids. First off - I don't have family - sisters, cousins etc that I can ask. I only have my closest female friends, of which there are...

Sara, friday 21-Jan-22 7 77

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