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Anyone else not booking a photographer?
ExpensiveYellowConfetti904, 6 of September of 2017 at 17:15

Hi! My partner and I have decided not to have a professional photographer. The quotes we were getting were simply astronomical, the ones which weren't left a lot to be desired! We really don't like...

Weekople, 5 minutes ago 39 11,755 1
Help!! Catholic wedding music
Gemma, 14 of January of 2024 at 22:11

Hello, Me and my fiancé decided to get married in a Catholic Church and I have recently been researching all my suppliers , including singers. In my vision I will have a singer during the ceremony...

Lastreaction, 45 minutes ago 2 33
Alternative to wedding cake
Samantha, 17 of March of 2024 at 22:36

Looking for ideas instead traditional wedding cakes - my fiancé likes idea of a donut tree I’m not sure, thought individual cakes maybe. Anyone had anything quite different?

Sarah, an hour ago 4 78
Victoria, 8 of April of 2024 at 15:07

Afternoon all. Both my parents have passed away and I'm very interested in using their gold wedding bands to make my own wedding ring. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this? Open to any...

Ryan, an hour ago 2 43
What do i do now?
Emma, 2 of April of 2024 at 15:39

I’m a May 2026 bride, I have booked the venue… what do I do now? I’m not sure if I can book a registrar or celebrant yet? What time scale can I do the legal stuff? Help

Mae-Jones, 2 hours ago 14 381 1
Chair covers?
HappyGreenCars16169, 16 of March of 2024 at 18:12

These are the chairs at our venue. Any advice on what type of cover would be best for these?? Thanks 😊

Victoria, 7 hours ago 3 55
Photographer Fees & Experience
Ivana, 2 of March of 2024 at 11:26

Hi everyone, I would like to get your opinion on my photographer situation. I'm getting married this year in Aug in East London. We are still deciding on photographers for our wedding, so far we are...

Victoria, 7 hours ago 12 335 1
Cloth napkins
Katie, 5 of March of 2024 at 17:06

Hi all! Does anyone have any recommendations for ordering cloth napkins? Looking for a peach/coral colour thanks so much!

Victoria, 10 hours ago 4 51
Music and planning!
Stacey, 6 of March of 2024 at 23:36

Please help!! We aren’t getting married until next year & I know there’s 1 million and 1 other things to think about and look at BUT how do you choose what songs to use for the entrance, signing...

Sarah, 12 hours ago 8 151
Guest talk - filling the venue!
Sara, 11 of March of 2024 at 15:32

Hi, I'm in very early stages of planning our wedding and we've just started to look over guest lists. My fiancé and I are both quite reserved, so don't have massive friend groups. We've found a venue...

Sarah, yesterday at 23:57 10 469
Wedding Cake Flavours
Ivana, 13 of March of 2024 at 08:10

Hi ladies, I would love to hear your recommendations on wedding cake flavours. I'm struggling to decide what flavours to have for our wedding. My mom and I will be making the cake and desserts...

Sarah, yesterday at 23:55 12 76
Maid of honour drama
Michelle, 13 of March of 2024 at 16:07

Okay, so I asked my sons partner of 10years to be my maid of honour. She accepted the proposal. My son is over the moon about it. I asked her as I wanted the wedding to be close family. I'm having one...

Sarah, yesterday at 23:54 1 39
Too early to ask bridesmaids?
Kw, 16 of March of 2024 at 14:50

Hi! We’re getting married in August 2026 and I’ve already decided on bridesmaids. Is it too early to ask people yet? I’m worried they’ll think it’s ridiculously early 😂 But I’m such a planner so want...

Sarah, yesterday at 23:46 4 65
Amy, 17 of March of 2024 at 13:51

Hey everyone, We are getting married in July 2024, at the receptions we are having cans of beer and pimms! Both myself and my partner really dislike wine so we are trying to think of other options for...

Sarah, yesterday at 23:45 4 75
Matt, 6 of April of 2024 at 10:39

Trying to find a venue in Cheshire or Staffordshire we both like working our budget seems impossible

Sarah, yesterday at 21:44 2 22
Katy, 7 of April of 2024 at 23:26

Hello We are having a very informal wedding and a bit different to usual. We have sent out invites but I’m wondering if my timings sound okay. 2pm private ceremony (20 guests)3.30 reception drinks and...

Sarah, yesterday at 21:43 4 78
Grooms speech
Vicki, 8 of April of 2024 at 13:41

Hi can someone help I need to Wright a grooms speech I what to add about my brides dad who's not hear I need help I'm not good at this stuff

Sarah, yesterday at 21:41 1 24
New venue
Weronika, 8 of April of 2024 at 22:13

Hi all Would you consider a new venue for your big day? I have found something beautiful, however they don’t have many reviews as it is fairly new.

Sarah, yesterday at 21:38 1 30
Hi all
Dawn, 30 of March of 2024 at 20:21

Is everyone partners getting involved with all the prep

Sarah, yesterday at 21:37 8 201
Withjoy - separate list for evening guests
Janice, 4 of September of 2023 at 21:00

Hi there, We are getting married next year and are having guests for the whole day plus some evening guests. We are looking at setting up a wedding website with WithJoy but cannot see if there is an...

Emily, yesterday at 13:02 2 760 1
Putting money behind the bar
helensweeney, 21 of August of 2014 at 21:13

I need a bit of advice about how to tell guests that there is money behind the bar and that it's limited to drinks that aren't cocktails or doubles etc. We aren't serving wine with the meal during the...

Kihec24, yesterday at 10:58 8 2,380
Wedding Website rsvp
Summer, 11 of January of 2024 at 16:47

Hi All, I would love to know if it is possible to change the order of the RSVP on the website as mine currently says, Evening, Breakfast, Starter Main Dessert Ceremony. ideally i would like it to be:...

Janet, yesterday at 00:10 2 29
Hair extensions?
thatlassoverthere, 10 of June of 2018 at 17:16

Hi everyone, I'm getting married in Italy this September and want to give some extra length to my shoulder length hair. My hair is quite thick so I'm not worried about volume, but am completely new to...

Daniel, saturday 13-Apr-24 6 994
Postpone or cancel wedding
Rosie, 17 of February of 2024 at 21:00

Hello everyone, apologies this is a bit of a gloomy message. Sadly we were due to have our wedding this June but for a variety of reasons (including financial, family issues and mainly the fact we are...

Lastreaction, saturday 13-Apr-24 2 174
Games for family get together!
PenelopeP, 25 of September of 2008 at 11:22

We're having a family get together the day before our wedding. Most of our families have never met because mine live abroad. We're getting together in the afternoon for afternoon tea and I was...

JJ JJSEO, friday 12-Apr-24 13 8,636
Politely not inviting family members
Olive, 23 of February of 2024 at 03:30

Hi, I'm getting married in April 2025 and even though I'd always said to my mother that I didn't want family there (apart from her, my dad and brother) she has disregarded this and taken it upon...

Michelle, friday 12-Apr-24 4 146
What suppliers am i missing? Any thoughts?
Katrina, 5 of March of 2024 at 21:34

We are getting married Feb 2025 we have our wedding photographer/videographer, make up artist and hairdresser. As well as caterers & venue of course booked. We also have our entertainment booked...

Katrina, friday 12-Apr-24 7 103
Wedding anxiety…
Amy, 4 of April of 2024 at 09:03

Can anyone offer some advice? We’re planning a wedding for this year (October) And me and my partner are both people pleasers. We’ve really struggled with the worry of what other people think when it...

Mrsg, friday 12-Apr-24 5 211
Challenges planning my own wedding
Michael, 10 of December of 2023 at 17:58

Hey everyone! I’m currently knee-deep in wedding planning right now! Honestly, figuring out all the details has been a bit of a struggle. There seems to be so many different aspects of wedding...

Richard, wednesday 10-Apr-24 17 638 1
Guests and budget
Chloe, 3 of February of 2024 at 03:01

My partner and I are getting married in October and we have an extremely tight budget. We are having our reception at the pub we work at ( we are both chefs at The Walton Village). It's perfect for...

Lastreaction, tuesday 9-Apr-24 4 196
Pass the Parcel
amy00003, 27 of July of 2011 at 19:46

Im bored and have been googleing. Ive seen a website selling a 'pass the parcel" game to be put on each of the tables at the reception as a way for the guests to get to know each other, and I'm quite...

Kihec24, tuesday 9-Apr-24 3 3,742
Charger Plate Hire - Chester / North Wales
Amy, 8 of April of 2024 at 14:26

Hi All - hoping for some suggestions for a company that will hire out charger plates in the North Wales / Chester area. Thank you

Jhon, monday 8-Apr-24 1 16

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