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Beginner October 2025 West Yorkshire

Both of us changing surname!

Elli, 4 of October of 2023 at 12:04 Posted on Etiquette and Advice 0 2

Hi all! Both myself and my partner want to change our surnames to my mothers maiden name - we don't connect to either our own current surnames for many reasons unfortunately. I am wondering what the best way to go about this would be? I can't seem to find the answers when I Google.

1. Would we both change our surnames through marriage?

2. Would I need to change my surname to my mothers maiden name then my partner changes his through marriage?

Or is there another, better way?

Many thanks!!

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Latest activity by Sarah, 13 of October of 2023 at 23:13
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    Rockstar July 2023 Greater Manchester
    Lisa ·
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    I’d look into changing them both by deed poll.
    Your marriage certificate doesn’t state a change in name, but it can be used as proof that you married someone with a different surname, and therefore you’ve taken that one. If neither of you have the maiden name before the day, it means you’ll have to do a deed poll after.
    I’d look into whether you can do the deed poll change in the morning, and then married at your given time, then you can be announced immediately as Mr & Mrs “Maiden Name”
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    Beginner August 2023 West Yorkshire
    Sarah ·
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    I agree with Lisa.

    I also unfortunately did not connect to my surname. Also my husbands surname name doesn't sound good with my name... so I decided to take my mother's maiden name and my husbands surname, hypenated.

    For us, the Registrar announced us as my husband (with his usual surname) and me (with my mothers maiden name and his surname.) He said we could be announced as we wished.

    I could have changed by surname to my mother's maiden name by deed poll before our wedding, but it seems more simple to just change my name by deed poll with both the maiden name and my husband's surname.

    I feel it is such a refreshing fresh start with a new surname that you choose, looking forward to doing it officially!

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