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Curious October 2025 Nottinghamshire

Bridesmaids dresses

Harriet, 6 of July of 2024 at 15:18 Posted on Wedding Attire 0 4

I’ve been really stuck between 2 ideas for my bridesmaids’ dresses. I either want them to all wear different style dresses that are the same colour (I’m thinking yellow) or the same dress style but in different colours (I’m thinking pastels). I have asked them what they would prefer but they are equally as conflicted as me and like both ideas!
Any opinions or advice to help me decide would be appreciated!
Thank you in advance,Harriet xx

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Latest activity by Naomi, 19 of July of 2024 at 22:16
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    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    If they like both ideas equally, that suggests no one has a strong objection to yellow, so I'd go with your first idea. It can be hard to get one dress that suits everyone, so assuming no one feels they would look horrible in yellow, giving them a choice of styles means each one can get a dress they feel happy in.

    Alternatively, you could pick a few dress styles from the same range and give them a choice of 'any of these three dresses in any of these three colours'. If they are all in the same range and colour palette, it's still going to look cohesive.

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    SunnyPurpleFlowers85794 ·
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    It depends how many bridesmaids you have.

    I had 6 and there was 3 different shades (2 of them in each colour) but they were all the same satin material so it all matched.
    If you’re having 4 or less I would suggest different colours but the same style, if you switch up styles with less bridesmaids it looks a bit weird, unless you do 2 one style, 2 another style but all same colour? Honestly I’m saying all this though and it’s completely up to you!
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  • Echo
    East Central London
    Echo ·
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    Depending on the number of bridesmaids you have, if there are many, having the same color but different styles is great. If there are only two, I think choosing the same color and the same style is more important.

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    Beginner September 2024 Suffolk
    Naomi ·
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    I have 4 bridesmaids and went with them all in the same colour but different styles. It really works! I did set some rules though; all chiffon and floor length. So they were different but not too different that it looked ‘too much’ if that makes sense!

    I got the dresses from JJs House who also offer a ‘Try on’ option where you can order up to 3 dresses and try on at home before purchasing. I asked my bridesmaids to each choose 2 dresses and then I chose the 3rd. They tried them all on and then chose which dress they liked best and that’s how we got the different styles. They liked having a say in their dresses I think, as they are all so different and it was nice to get them a dress I knew they would wear again in future because they chose it! Smiley smile
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