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Newbie Bride July 2016

Catholic Wedding Hymns/Music

PrettyFlower90, 24 April 2016 at 04:52 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 10
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Just looking for some suggestions really for our ceremony music!

We are getting married in a Catholic church with a full Mass and so would need 4 pieces of music/hymns. The entrance music will be Canon in D so that's 1 sorted. We met with the priest who actually encourages instrumental music rather than hymns/needing people to sing, as he said a lot of family and friends attending the wedding may not know a lot of hymns if they don't attend Mass. So I'm maybe thinking of having just the one singing hymn at the end of the ceremony/service and the other 2 pieces just instrumental.

So I'm just wondering if there's anyone else having a Catholic wedding and what music you had, or any advice on what pieces of music we could have?


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Latest activity by Paula @ Ollievision, 13 September 2019 at 10:03
  • Paula @ Ollievision
    Paula @ Ollievision ·
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    There's one called "Keep me travelling along with you" that seems to feature at every Catholic wedding I photograph! It might be called "One more step along the road I go."

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  • Catlady28
    Newbie Bride March 2017
    Catlady28 ·
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    We're having a catholic wedding. We were just going to choose quite common hymns such as Lord of the dance, make me a channel of your peace, all things bright and beautiful. I also would like Jerusalem, but my oh not keen! I think it would be nice to have singing and not just instrumental music. We have an amazing organist playing for us, and think he would play pretty much anything we asked for!!

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  • MetalBride
    Newbie Bride April 2018
    MetalBride ·
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    If they have a pianist or organ player for their services it could be good to see if they know any nice songs that they could play, failing that there are lots of string quartets that have samples online. You could get ideas from there, most have a list of what they play and you could Google the tracks.

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  • PrettyFlower90
    Newbie Bride July 2016
    PrettyFlower90 ·
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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    We have already booked a string trio to play the music as the church doesn't have an organist etc and I cannot stand the sound of an organ anyway lol I would like singing too, but to be honest our budget couldnt stretch to a singer and not a lot of our guests are church goers so no one will know many hymns and wouldn't like to sing, so I think it's best going down the instrumental route to avoid people trying to fumble their way through lyrics (including the groom).

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  • MrsJones2020
    Rockstar Bride October 2020
    MrsJones2020 ·
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    I love Ave Maria and would have that if I was getting married in a church x

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  • DreamsComeTrue2015
    Newbie Bride July 2017
    DreamsComeTrue2015 ·
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    "One More Step Along The World I Go"!!! We used to sing this at the end of our school year - ever year! I hate it now hahaha! I'm not Catholic but we sing this in church every so often so it is fairly well known.

    I don't know about Catholic hymns but what about "All Things Bright And Beautiful"? It's pretty well known so people will sing it? Or something like "Shine Jesus Shine"? Although I don't know if there are rules about what you can sing at a Mass so sorry if that wasn't helpful!

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  • T
    Newbie Bride May 2016
    Tidal Wave ·
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    Not Catholic but CofE wedding, and we're having "Lord of the Dance" and "Give me oil in my lamp" while signing the register "I vow to thee my country" If you want the instrumentals maybe something from Handel's Messiah, or go down nice classical route?

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  • A
    Newbie Bride March 2015
    Ash953 ·
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    We were CoE and had Love Divine, All Loves Excelling and O Perfect Love. We had a choir sing the hymns so people didn't feel pressurised to sing. Although, my family are all Irish-American Roman Catholics so either lipsyncing hymns or singing them loudly and off-key is pretty much standard.

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  • D
    Newbie Bride July 2016
    DevonBelle ·
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    Hi there!

    I'm having a full nuptual mass in July! A friend of mine gave me some advice which I think is right on the money. There will be a lot of non-religious people at ours, some who will never have been to chruch before! The advice was to pick very common hymns that most people will know. Otherwise you will be singing solo! haha. I'm surprised the Preist has suggested instrumentals rather than hymns. Our suggested the exact opposite, as he finds people just start chatting during instrumentals. He's suggested we have hymns even during the signing of the register (which we're not doing though... lol)

    Here's our shortlist:

    Jerusalem (My fiance chose that, it's some rugby tune apparently...)

    all things bright and beautiful

    Give me joy in my heart

    Lord of the dance

    Morning has broken

    Bind us together (perfectly fitting for a wedding)

    Colours of day

    shine jesus shine

    You will need something for the eucharist too, something "bready" (!!!!!!) either:

    I am the bread of life

    Eat this bread

    One bread one body

    I hope that helps!

    He's letting us have secular music for the processional, recessional, and during the signing of the register, as all of those bits are not technicaly part of the mass. We're having Promise by Ben Howard for entrance, instrumentals of Ordinary People Jon Legend and If I Aint Got You Alicia Keys for signing register, and exit song is Grow Old With Me by Tom Odell.

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  • L
    Newbie Bride December 2019
    LuxuriousIvoryDiamonds78604 ·
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    I am having a Catholic wedding in December and we met with our Priest last night. I wanted actual songs rather than the usual 'here comes the bride' etc. so wanted 'Eva Cassidy, Songbird' walking down the aisle and 'Elvis, You'll Never Walk Alone' when we exit. Our priest has told us that we can't have these due to copyright laws on the music and the lyrics, has anyone else heard of this? We were going to play them through a speaker.

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  • L
    Newbie Bride December 2019
    LuxuriousIvoryDiamonds78604 ·
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    Hi, this isn't directly related to hymns and I hope you don't mind me tagging on the back of your question, I can't work out how to start my own question forum.

    I am getting married in a Catholic Church in December this year, my fiance is the Catholic, and I didn't want the traditional 'here comes the bride' etc. I had decided on Eva Cassidy, Songbird for my entrance and Elvis, You'll Never Walk Alone for our exit and we were going to bring a speaker and play it ourselves.

    However, we met with the Priest last night and he has said that due to copyright laws on the music and lyrics, we are not allowed to do this.

    So, my questions are:

    1. has anyone else heard of this before?

    2. can any suggest entrance and exit music that my Organist can play if I am not allowed to have the songs I want? Something a bit different is what I am after, yet still romantic and relevant to a wedding.

    Really hoping someone can help!

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