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Lorna, 7 January 2021 at 23:14 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 5
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Hi everyone, I got engaged just before Christmas ☺️
I’m wondering if anyone is doing something similar and how you’re working it.
We’re planning the reception on my fiancé’s family farm but we’re stuck with how to work the ceremony. We’re not religious so we don’t want a church ceremony and I’d love to get married outside so not keen on a registry office. We’d love for the whole day to be at the farm but obviously there’s no marriage licence for it. Is anyone doing the legal bit in a registry office then doing the whole big day after?Or has anyone tried for a temporary licence and done it that way? Or is there another way around this? Thank you x

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Latest activity by RomanticGreenStationery27135, 11 January 2021 at 06:19
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    Rockstar Bride July 2020 Monmouthshire
    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    You could get married at the registrars (even the day before if it makes things easier) and then have some kind of blessing/commitment ceremony on your farm?

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  • PhotographybyBillHaddon
    Dedicated Groom January 3000 Leicestershire
    PhotographybyBillHaddon ·
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    There is no temporary licence option available Im afraid. The way forward would be to do the legal marriage at a registry office with just two witnesses and then have your ceremony however you like it at the farm, there are celebrants who will take the place of the registrar and lead the ceremony for you. Google - wedding celebrants.

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  • Elen
    Newbie Bride October 2022 Gwynedd
    Elen ·
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    I’m exactly the same as you, so following this thread! I think atm we’re thinking of going to registry office just to get the legalities done, sometime in the run up to the day, and then having a really informal “ceremony/blessing” in the marquee (hopefully if other half and I can agree on location!!!) first thing on the day, really chilled, and then just go on to have the reception after! X
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  • K
    Newbie Bride October 2022 Merseyside
    Katie ·
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    We didn’t want a registrar office or a church so we have booked a hotel for ours. You could also look at barn conversions and teepees?
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  • R
    Newbie Groom February 2021 Bedfordshire
    Robert546 ·
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    I think you could make it possible to celebrate your marriage in the farm after visiting the church. I know it is quite awesome to celebrate the marriage in an open area. You could also do preparations in the farm according to your own choice.

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