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Curious November 2023 Warwickshire

Conscious Bodies

Laura, 28 of September of 2023 at 01:48 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 1

So I’ve brought my wedding dress, having alterations done and just decided just 5 weeks before getting married I’m going to have small sleeves. They won’t completely cover my arms which is what I want but I am so conscious about my flabby arms. Has anyone got any tips? I have already started swimming but no made much difference yet.
Thank You

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Latest activity by RomanticGreenStationery27135, 28 of September of 2023 at 09:02
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    Remember that your OH loves you for who you are, and that will stay the same regardless of what your arms look like. And the same goes for the loved ones who will be gathering to watch your marriage.

    Keep swimming if it makes you feel good - most of us could do with being a bit less sedentary, and if you feel your fitness level needs to improve, then exercise is a great idea. But try to focus on it as 'exercise to make my body healthier and feel better' not 'exercise to make my arms less flabby'. I can guarantee no one else is worrying about your arms the way you are! And no one is going to be noticing your arms on your wedding day. They're going to be noticing you and how radiant you look.

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