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does cider count as 1 on your 5 a day?

slimzoe1, 15 of May of 2008 at 21:00 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 1

I have a member who isnt losing, i looked at her tracker and shes having a "small" glass of cider every day, now ive told her shes underpointing, but she was insistant that the dr told her to have it as it counts as 1 of her 5 fruit and veg??? i cant see how this is true, ive said its fine to have but she needs to count it properly (she was counting 1/2 point cider and 1 for wine- " its only a small glass")

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Latest activity by slimzoe1, 16 of May of 2008 at 07:48
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    Perhaps she's getting confused between cider and apple juice!

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  • slimzoe1
    Rockstar September 2022 Warwickshire
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    Lol thats what i thought but she was adamant that he said cider, ive asked her to check!

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