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Drinks before ceremony

Richard, 21 July 2021 at 20:42 Posted on Planning 0 3

I was just doing my invite for wedding and added in a little buffer time before the ceremony so we dont have late arrivals. Is anyone doung that and would you consider offering guests a drink at that point or just sit them straight in seats for ceremony?

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Latest activity by Marcie, 24 July 2021 at 18:57
  • Marcie
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    Most weddings I’ve been to the guests arrive a good 45 mins before hand if it’s at a venue and head straight to the bar 🙈 I’ve never been offered drinks before only after so I wouldn’t worry about it
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  • Sarahjs2021
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    Sarahjs2021 ·
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    Our ceremony is at 11.30am and we've asked guest to arrive at 11am to be seated. We aren't doing welcome drinks but the bar will be open if they want to get their own then they can
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  • Anita
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    Definitely offer your guests something beforehand - whether it be a glass of bubbly, some fruit / mint infused water or another soft drink, a beer, a glass of Pimms, etc... I would have a selection of things for people to choose what they'd like before the ceremony. I am getting married at 2pm and we have asked guests to arrive at 1:00 for a Welcome Drink in the lounge / bar area of our venue before the ceremony.

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