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Beginner February 2024 Gwynedd

Ethical. Venues & fox hunting

S J, 20 of February of 2024 at 19:28 Posted on Planning 0 1

Hi all!

My partner and I got engaged on Valentines day at I'm at the beginning of my journey planning, very excited.

We've found the most amazing venue in Mid Wales called Plas DInam but I've been told the owners allow fox hunting on their land (lots of foxes killed illegally) and the owner of the property is actually the Master of the hunt (The David Davies). I'm searching for alternative country house venues but keep encountering similar issues, not to this extent but I've been checking if they allow the hunt on their land and they all seem to.

Is this something you have come across as an issue? I'm trying to have an ethical wedding, need a large venue and it seems the country house option is out for us!

Do you know of anywhere in Mid Wales that may be suitable?



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    I think you will struggle to find a large landowner that doesn't allow hunting on their land. In the areas I know, the numbers have actually increased since fox hunting was banned, since landowners who did not want foxes hunted on their land are happy to allow drag hunting (which is when hounds follow a scent that has been artificially laid).

    Any hunt that is hunting live foxes is acting illegally. So asking a landowner if the hunts that cross their land ever kill is tricky, since unless you actually know the landowner, you can't tell if they are telling the truth or not (and they're unlikely to admit to breaking the law).

    If you can go that far, Hay Castle might work for you? Otherwise, you could look at hotels. Obviously, it would be hard to check that the owners do not allow hunting on other land they own, but I think that will be the case with any property - even if you got married in the middle of London, there would be no guarantee the property owner didn't allow hunting on other, rural properties they owned. But at least by going for a venue with limited outside space, you can know hunting hasn't taken place on the actual land you are using.

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