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Giving Notice and Decree Absolute.

Rachael, 8 June 2021 at 16:04 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 2
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My partner and I have our notice giving appointment booked for this Friday but we are a little bit worried about his decree absolute. My partner completed an online divorce a few years ago and was sent his decree absolute as an attachment via email. The email states that this is THE copy of his decree absolute and that he should keep it safe as he will need it if he decides to remarry. We are a bit concerned that, because it is a digital rather than hard copy, it will not be enough evidence for the registrars. My partner has contacted the court (three times!) via email to ask for a hard copy but has had no reply. He managed to speak to someone at the court via phone yesterday who said that the emailed document should be enough as this has been acceptable since 2015 when the new system was introduced.

Is there anyone in a similar situation/knows someone who has been through a similar process who could give me some advice? I have searched the internet but I can't find ANYTHING on this subject which I find really weird!!

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    Hi, this is really strange re the email copy. I was divorced in 2017 and I received a hard copy of my absolute. Nothing was received electronically. I’m sure if you speak to your registrar and show them the emails regarding your partners divorce they will be able to advise? Give them a call beforehand to see if they will accept?
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    Ring the registrar - they will be able to advise.

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