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Hair and make up

Thierry, 21 June 2022 at 14:16 Posted on Planning 0 5
Hello, I am looking for advice.
I would love for me, my three sisters and mother and mother in law to all have our hair and make up professionally done. However, my ceremony is at 12 so I am aware we will have to start early. The added bonus is that I'm getting ready at the venue.
Basically I am just looking for any advice on is this unrealistic, does anyone recommended a hair and make up team ect....

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Latest activity by Elizabeth, 23 June 2022 at 09:57
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    Beginner June 2022 Wiltshire
    Brightcolourwedding2022 ·
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    I don’t think that’s unrealistic. Are you in the UK? You’ll need to take into account the registrar interview if you’re having a legal service. So you would need to aim to be ready 11.15am, but if your venue are happy for you to start early, then why not! With two hair and two makeup artists. It would be easily done.
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  • Kayleigh
    Rockstar October 2023 Bristol
    Kayleigh ·
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    My friend got married at 11 and her hair and make up came to the venue to do her stuff no problem. Just make sure whoever you get will travel and at the time you need them x

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  • Charlotte
    VIP April 2022 Wiltshire
    Charlotte ·
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    Our wedding was at 12, we had to leave at 11.15 to be at the venue by 11.45 as you need to be there to see registrar earlier. The good thing is you are already at the venue so the registrar can come to the room you are getting ready in. I had 2 BMS, my mum and I having hair and make up, we had 2 artists and started at 7.30 and was fine, so it is doable, you will just need an early start! Speak to MUA's and give them your requirements and they will work out timings for you and then go from there

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  • Katie
    Katie ·
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    I know people who have got married at 11:30, and they have all had their hair and make up done professionally with no problem (sometimes, with bridesmaids up to 8 people!).

    MUA's/Hair Stylists can be with you early (7am) if need be... they are quite used to having to be to places early for weddings etc, it wouldn't be unusual for them. Also, it would depend on how complex the styles you are looking for, so they may discuss this with you. As said above, also, it may be worth having two MUA/Hair stylists... some MUA also do hair styling, and may recommend someone they regularly work with.

    There really are some fantastic hair and MUA's in Kent, and some would be willing to travel. I would personally recommend eloisemaehairmua (instagram handle). She did my make up a couple of times at Blowgarden (I believe she is now freelance), and she also styles hair... but her artistic skills are wonderful. The make up looks amazing. She may also be able to recommend an ex-colleague who could help.

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    Beginner July 2022 South East London
    Elizabeth ·
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    I’m getting married at 12.30, also staying at the venue and there’s 6 of us in total getting hair done (5 getting makeup). The artists I’ve booked didn’t even flinch- I think the early mornings are par for the course in their line of work
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