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Has anyone eloped and had no guests at all?

Harriet, 13 of December of 2023 at 14:32 Posted on Honeymoons & Getting Married Abroad 1 2
Me and my partner are considering getting married in Italy but having no guests. We were thinking of just having a symbolic ceremony there and going straight into our honeymoon. We would do the legalities having a civil ceremony at a registry office in the UK either before or after.

Was wondering if anyone has done this and how you found the planning and cost aspects. Also how to manage guilt at not inviting anyone!

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Latest activity by SunnyPurpleFlowers85794, 25 of December of 2023 at 22:39
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    Technically, it's only an elopement if you have no guests anyway! An elopement is when you run away to get married without telling anyone. What people refer to nowadays as an 'elopement' is basically a very small destination wedding.

    As for not inviting people, in one way, it makes it easier having no guests than just having a few because you aren't upsetting anyone by leaving them out because they are ALL left out. The only caution I would have is to consider immediate family, especially parents. Friends will get over not being invited within a few weeks, but I know some parents are still feeling the hurt years on from not being at their child's wedding. So if you still have parents alive and are close to them, I would suggest at least discussing it with them and seeing how they feel.

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    We eloped (got married in another country) and none of our family knew. The hotel where we got married sorted out all of the legal stuff so that our marriage was legal in the country we went to. It’s automatically legal in England if you officially get married in another country.
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