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Not sure where to go on your honeymoon? Wondering how to organise your guest list for a destination wedding? You can ask your fellow forum members about your honeymoon or destination wedding right here.



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Spanish Wedding - Sourcing Suppliers help
Jordan, Yesterday at 21:44

Hi all New here... Looking to get married in Ronda, Spain in June 2023. I will be getting married at my parents house with about 60-70 guests. I am starting out with trying to source caterers but...

Jordan, yesterday at 21:44 6
lgbt honeymoon locations
Chantelle-Louise, 25 May 2021 at 21:09

Same sex honeymoon locations! We really wanted to go with Sandals holidays to treat ourselves but all of their locations have legal implications with lgbt couples-does anyone have advice on luxury...

Matt, saturday 22-Jan-22 1 87
Epically bad hen do - 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ellie, 18 January 2022 at 19:37

Due to covid I had my hen do after my wedding. I originally didn’t want one but a few friends said I will regret not having one and I should do! Wish I hadnt listened to them! Lol because now I...

Ellie, friday 21-Jan-22 9 304
Elopement vow renewal abroad
KiKi, 20 January 2022 at 06:58

My husband and I have decided to celebrate 25 years together (17 married) by having a vow renewal. We don’t want the big, white wedding (been there, done that!) so want to sneak abroad (possibly...

RomanticGreenStation, friday 21-Jan-22 1 20
Elisha, 19 January 2022 at 08:58

Can i travel abroad after been married, do I have to change my last name before I’m so confused. Thanks for the help in advance

Kirsty, wednesday 19-Jan-22 2 92
Honeymoon Destination Ideas
RomanticIvoryBridesmaid30590, 18 January 2022 at 14:31

Hello all, I am looking for some honeymoon destination ideas. We are UK Based but looking to really go somewhere that is idyllic but also has nightlife, bars, restaurants and is safe to leave the...

RomanticIvoryBridesm, tuesday 18-Jan-22 2 54 1
Honeymoon in the uk
RomanticPinkCars31715, 31 December 2021 at 02:20

Obviously Covid is a major factor when booking travel so we have decided to stay in the UK for our honeymoon. Does anybody have any recommendations? Hopefully we get some lovely weather this summer🤞🏾...

Jess, monday 17-Jan-22 20 329
Booking a honeymoon
Elizabeth, 5 January 2022 at 10:46

Hi I’m getting married in August and I’m looking to book a honeymoon abroad for just after the wedding. I just wondered if people had any recommendations for either booking things themselves online or...

Elizabeth, saturday 15-Jan-22 2 135
Honeymoon ideas - June 2022
Tabitha, 11 January 2022 at 23:07

Hi all, We are getting married end of May this year and looking to go straight on honeymoon afterwards. We’ve gone round in circles about locations and would love some advice. We were thinking of the...

Emma, thursday 13-Jan-22 2 103
Taking dried flowers from uk to France
Keely, 10 January 2022 at 16:56

Hi. I am wanting to take my own dried flowers, including pampas, palms, grasses etc in our car on the ferry over to France so I don't have to sort out a florist. I know you can't take live plants or...

Tamsin, tuesday 11-Jan-22 2 38
Getting married in Italy
Amy, 10 January 2022 at 08:18

Has anyone got married in Italy? We’re looking to wed in Tuscany in a villa with friends and family, and wondered if anyone had any recommendations at all? It’s quite overwhelming looking at so many...

Amy, monday 10-Jan-22 26
Wedding planner
Shereen, 8 January 2022 at 12:26

Hi, I am trying to find a Wedding planner to help plan out wedding in Majorca in summer 2023, I am struggling to try and book venue visits and discuss options. We are flying to Palma on the 25th Feb...

Shereen, saturday 8-Jan-22 26
No gift registry - just asking for contributions for honeymoon
Emma, 26 November 2021 at 11:47

Myself and my partner already live together, and have everything we need, so we have no interest in having a gift registry. Instead we want to ask that if they want to get us something, to make a...

Chloe, tuesday 4-Jan-22 4 252
Wedding dress travel box
Laura, 4 June 2021 at 10:54

I’m getting married next month, in Jamaica! We have booked our holiday and wedding through TUI, who have now decided that (due to Covid 🤷🏻‍♀️) cannot supply a wedding dress box. Has anybody found a...

Zoe, monday 3-Jan-22 4 250
How early to fly out beforehand?
Perri, 31 December 2021 at 16:59

Hi all, New to the group. Don’t have a location or a date yet, just trying to work things out beforehand. I’m a teacher so I’m restricted to going abroad to the holidays. How early should we fly out...

Charlotte, saturday 1-Jan-22 1 36
Prezola as a gift list
Romanticgolddecor31581, 3 October 2021 at 19:28

Has anyone got any experience with Prezola? I'm seeing very mixed reviews, but would only be using it for cash gifts. Any thoughts welcome!

RomanticPinkCars3171, friday 31-Dec-21 3 108
Abroad Wedding 2020 - Coronavirus
LuxuriousGreenFlowers72905, 19 April 2020 at 14:23

Hi everyone, We’re due to get married in Portugal in the last week of August 2020. We’ve been planning this wedding for two years and now everything just feels so up in the air. Just wondered if...

David, tuesday 28-Dec-21 8 1,950
Honeymoon recommendation
Rahman, 10 October 2021 at 09:55

We want our honeymoon to be memorable, one of those holidays that we won’t ever do again. We are taking our son who will be 2 when we marry, but we don’t want this to stop us doing anything fun!...

Jasmin, tuesday 14-Dec-21 4 258
Destination wedding!
Amy, 8 August 2021 at 10:44

We're getting married abroad and wanting to give people sufficient enough time to prepare and save to be able to attend. We are looking at 2025 - Should we start giving people the heads up now and...

Georgie, tuesday 7-Dec-21 2 132
Eloping with no guests - just me and him!
DiamondInTheRough, 10 October 2017 at 14:30

Hi Everyone, I've been engaged for 2 years now and the more we think about it, the more we want our wedding to just be about us. No family , no friends, just us. We've decided we want to elope, just...

Lucy, tuesday 7-Dec-21 8 7,138
Recommended and trusted websites for booking
Bethany, 3 May 2021 at 11:24

Hi, guys me and my partner are considering having our wedding abroad are there any tried and tested websites people have used? Thanks x

David, tuesday 30-Nov-21 2 229
Honeymoon suggestions?
Verity, 26 October 2021 at 13:27

Hi, Me and my fiancé are struggling to find a honeymoon place, we have looked at the Maldives, but this is too far away, any suggestions would be great!

Jess, tuesday 23-Nov-21 1 141
Getting married abroad- setting location of suppliers on Hitched
Monica, 12 November 2021 at 19:44

Hi Everyone! Do you guys know how can you set location of suppliers abroad on your lists? TIA

Ana, sunday 21-Nov-21 4 69
Wedding insurance for abroad
Empress1401, 5 August 2021 at 11:02

Hi Does anyone know of any wedding insurance for abroad, destination weddings? It seems a lot of places are not offering that service at the moment for some odd reason.

Empress1401, wednesday 17-Nov-21 9 140
Sph24, 2 November 2021 at 21:53

I have 3 kids so having time away from them normally is never an option, I never like them gone for more than a night anyway 🤣 BUT my inlaws have said they'll have them all for 3 nights after my...

Marie, saturday 13-Nov-21 3 67
wedding abroad post covid
Louise, 30 September 2021 at 15:50

Hi Everyone! I got engaged in May this year and have booked my wedding in Portugal for May 2023! Is anyone in a similar situation to me? I am desperately trying to find wedding insurance that covers...

Emma, saturday 13-Nov-21 5 98
Spanish Wedding.
ExpensiveYellowStationery46146, 12 March 2018 at 22:58

Hi, Does anyone have any info/advice for getting married in spain? we don't have a massive budget, and it would be for around 80 guests. Id like something outdoors, maybe a villa/finca or I really...

JohnPereyra, thursday 11-Nov-21 3 613
Insurance for wedding in Spain?
Dave, 27 October 2021 at 12:23

Hi, Has anyone had success in opening a new policy that would cover an overseas wedding, through a broker or otherwise? Thanks, D.

David, wednesday 10-Nov-21 1 27
Weddings on budget for 10 people
Toby, 4 November 2021 at 21:26

Hi all need some advice we have around 10 people going to our wedding including us we only want room hire for the day small venue 2 course meal and then the night for me and my partner to be. We have...

Toby, thursday 4-Nov-21 17 1
Sorrento wedding
Zina, 9 August 2021 at 18:36

We have booked our wedding at Cloisters, Sorrento 23 and we have started looking for musicians. Would love either a harpist or string quartet, someone who could play modern pop songs with a classical...

Zina, thursday 4-Nov-21 2 54
Hayley, 21 June 2021 at 16:30

Does anyone know the best hotel in Paris for a honeymoon close to eifell tower

Hayley, sunday 31-Oct-21 5 57
How do i search for venues abroad? this app won’t let me?
Georgina, 15 November 2020 at 23:39

Hi all trying to figure out how to search for wedding venues abroad on this app as it’s currently only allowing me to search UK venues, thanks!

Alessandro, monday 25-Oct-21 8 282

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