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Laura, 13 February 2021 at 18:07 Posted on Honeymoons & Getting Married Abroad 0 3
Me and the other half are looking at honeymoons. We are getting married July 2022. Only think is I'm Very fair and freckly and burn in the sun. I also suffer from panic attacks on flights. My dream would be to go Mexico but I know I wouldn't be able to handle the flight. So we have been looking at honeymoons in Europe especially Cyprus and Greece. My other half wants to go straight after we get married. I know that's the normal thing to do but I don't think I could handle the heat. I've mentioned it too him and he said 'i'll be ok'. Everywhere is so expensive during July and hot. And to too it off he wants a fancy room with a jazuzzi or swim up room.... Sorry it's all a jumble. Just don't know what to do

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  • Kirsty
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    My OH is fair and burns easily but it’s never put us off going somewhere that we want to enjoy. He just knows to make sure he has access to a parasol or a shaded area if we are pool or beach side. As for not wanting to experience the heat, you can check if your room would have air con as a minimum and if you want to do some exploring you could try and head out earlier or later on in the day and miss out the midday heat. Just some ideas off the top of my head.
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  • HedgeTravel
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    Maybe look to go on a little romantic weekend away after the wedding and then look to go to Europe in September time when its not too hot and prices are more reasonable?

    Happy to help if you'd like to discuss. My business is registered honeymoon specialist on here called Hedge Travel.

    Sarah x

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  • Louise
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    I think you just have to decide if you want to go or not.... On holidays growing up my sister inhereted my dad's Irish fair skin and my mum and I can handle much more sun. Dad and sister just always have suncream, fabulous sun hats and long lightweight sleeves to hand to manage it!

    Mexico is great! If you really want to go, you should! The hard bit of the flight is the take off and landing... The flight itself is really not so bad if you can keep busy! There are movies to watch, take books, crosswords, suduko, adult colouring in....
    Alternatively santorini in Greece has beautiful hotels with swim up pools (on my honeymoon list too) ... They are expensive, but probably when you factor in the flights being cheaper not that different to Mexico!
    One more idea to go straight after is somewhere more like northern Europe, still really pretty but less hot! My other half is from Norway and its so pretty there, but gets to low to mid 20s in summer! Or the west/Atlantic coasts of France, Spain or Portugal don't get as hot as the south/Mediterranean!
    Sorry if this is a jumbled reply from a travel lover who's been stuck at home for too long! ?
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