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Help appreciated! Healthy slimmimg down to size 6

Atgatt, 20 February 2021 at 16:48 Posted on Weight Loss 0 2
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Help appreciated! Healthy slimmimg down to size 6 1
Hello lovelies, here's my situation - I'm currently a healthy size 8 on top (when wearing a padded bra) and 10 at the bottom, a classic pear shape, and totally in love with mermaid style dresses. Unfortunately, my hips do not work very well with that kind of silhouette Smiley sad and I'd like to slim down to size 6/8, focusing especially on the thighs/bum area. Being a mesomorph, however, I'm prone to building muscle and while working out in the past I'd often end up with bigger thighs and bum than when I started! I want to focus on slimming down my legs without starving myself, is there anyone in a similar situation who succeeded? Thank you Smiley smile

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Latest activity by Lovestoned21, 21 February 2021 at 22:50
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    Hi Atgatt!

    You have a lovely figure - have you tried on the style of dress that you fancy? Just wondering as if not, you may be pleasantly surprised by how well they suit you.
    I was an 8-10,with by bum being a 12 and 30DD chest. I've used Myfitnesspal since last March and lost 2 stone. My curves have sadly gone but I've noticed that my hips are much smaller now. I actually didn't plan to lose any curves and if anything I need my bum back for my dress to look good! I certainly haven't been starving myself but have been on a lower calorie diet (I still eat snacks everyday too). I've been doing much more walking and jogging. I've barely done any strength training (which I need to start up again), but I think cardio is key for what you're looking to achieve!
    Good luck but honestly I'm sure the dress would look amazing on you anyway!x
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    Hey there.
    I am similar shape to you. Maybe even a bit more extreme and was concerned about my hips looking wide so initialled planned for a line but then just loved the mermaid look on me. So I choose a mermaid too and bought a size 12 for my "hips" but on top I was a size 6. The shop said they can alter the top no problem to fit and I get padded cups I decided to push my rather ungenerous chest a bit and " balance it out". Actually I think a bit of curve looks rather nice in those dress styles. If you loose weight you won't be able to just loose around hips/legs as sadly fat gets reduced evenly(meaning also less chest/ breast). Obviously muscles can be specifically trained but just loosing cm around hips is unlikely( and a well trained butt/leg is not necessary smaller just different). I wouldn't stress about reducing you legs/ hips for it. With the right mermaid/ fit and flare dress you will look awesome! Different materials make such a difference and just to point out no one will see your legs even in a mermaid as there is always some "space needed" to walk so they can't be that tight. And you got a great body already! Have you tried any on at all jet? If not go once shops open and try some on from different designers/ materials etc. Because I am very certain you will see they actually look really good on you!
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