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Beginner August 2026 Monmouthshire

Help with dress dilema

Natalie, 24 of April of 2024 at 20:06 Posted on Wedding Attire 0 2
OK so maybe dilemma is a bit strong.

I'm not getting married for 2 yrs but in the excitement of booking the venue, I went to a bridal shop that is shutting down, to try on a few dresses.
I found a dress I love. Its sparkly enough but plain enough to suit my style. Plus it's almost half price being a sample dress (we're talking £700 off).
Trouble is, this was the first outing. I'm not having an expensive wedding or even a big celebration.
My mum wants me to wait/try more. I can't stop thinking about it...
Any advice re trying on dresses, how you know you've found the one, is it just too early?

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Latest activity by Robert, 11 of May of 2024 at 08:57
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    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    Do your tastes in general tend to change quite quickly or do they stay the same for years? Do you like your day-to-day clothing to be fashionable or do you tend to hang on to clothes until they fall apart? Does your weight fluctuate a lot or do you stay pretty much the same size? If you're in the latter category for all three of those questions, then it's probably fine to buy the dress now. (You'll probably also be someone who isn't that fussed about shopping too!) If the former, then I suggest you wait. Styles and figures can change a lot in two years.

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  • Katrina
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    Katrina ·
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    You will know when you have found the one ") I went to one wedding dress shop it was between two dresses. I actually went for one by the same designer the way it fitted me I felt like a bride immediately. So if you get the same feeling buy it Smiley smile you have 2 years if u needed any alterations hopefully you could get it done. Good luck don't let the dress for you pass you by!
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