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Emma, 4 of August of 2022 at 11:55 Posted on Planning 1 1
Hi all, so I don't get married until June 2024 but have an illness which is unpredictable.

I have decided to do a lodge weekend with hot tub with 7 of the closest. Have looked around and September next year works for everyone.
Then nearer to the time, April time doing a cocktail night where people who can't come to the lodge can come along.
Is this to far away from the wedding (9 month)
Plus mum is looking for every excuse it's to far away from wedding, she can not do Saturdays, to expensive (£190 each for 3 night), any help to deal with this would be appreciated.

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    9 months is quite a gap but if that’s what you’re comfortable with then go for it!
    £190 for 3 nights sounds quite reasonable if there’s a hot tub there. I would try to stay focused on what you want and try not to be influenced by other people’s opinions, easier said than done I know. Is your mum not able to do Saturdays due to work commitments? If so, can she request a days leave?
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