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Beginner June 2025 Cheshire

Hen do help!

Chloe, 14 of May of 2024 at 23:20 Posted on Planning 0 2
Hey, new here, and will be married in exactly 388 days! I need some advice. For context, my bridal party includes my mum and MIL, my sister, my two best friends and 3 under 16s. I probably won’t invite the kids or invite my mum and fiancé’s mum. My best friends don’t drink and neither does my sister.

Recap: I used to be wild. Party, party, party. I partied all through my teens and 20s until I met my partner and enrolled in university. I really settled down and feel i have everything I need; everything I was looking for I have within him. I’ve not stopped drinking (lol) but I have stopped partying. My problem I have is that I don’t really want a hen do, and if I did have one, I don’t feel like my besties would relate/have fun because they’re fairly different characters as is my sister. I’ve thought about weekends away, but cost is an issue and I've thought about going out for food but it just seems so boring. I considered classes etc but as a mum and student and with other familial commitments I literally don’t have time for ‘hobbies’ so I have no clue what I’d do even if I did do one. Side note - I have a bridal fitting in June and even then I’m planning on going by myself.
Im hoping for ideas, or if anyone else is in/has been in a similar situation. Is it ‘normal’ to not have one? I’ve checked online but I can’t find anything that resonates with me. Is it ‘normal’ to not invite any of your bridal party and go out with a different friend instead? I’m close to my hairdresser and we are very similar characters, I feel like I’d have a better time with her! Any advice or help is massively appreciated, your girl is feeling lost 😵‍💫

Bw, C x

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Latest activity by Robert, 24 of May of 2024 at 10:37
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    There are no rules - you can have a hen weekend, a hen afternoon or no hen at all, whatever works for you.

    If you decide to go out with a friend who isn't in your bridal party, then I wouldn't call it a hen do as your bridal party might feel hurt to be left out.

    Since your potential 'hens' are very different characters, I'd suggest something fairly low-key and short. People are going to be far happier doing something they're not keen on for a couple of hours than for a whole weekend!

    There are a few different companies that do one-off craft activities, so maybe look into doing something like that alongside a lunch or afternoon tea. I've seen glass suncatcher-making, jewellery making, pottery painting all done as hen events. If your group is mixed, I'd probably do the pottery as everyone uses mugs or plates, but not everyone wears jewellery or likes glass ornaments.

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    Robert ·
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    It’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to weddings and the events leading up to them. What matters most is that you do what feels right for you. Regarding a hen party, it’s absolutely normal to not have one if it doesn’t resonate with you. Many brides opt for alternative celebrations that better reflect their personalities and current lifestyles.

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