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Beginner July 2012

How much are your flowers coming to appox>? Flashes more than welcome

mrsgreatbatch2b, 2 April 2011 at 16:48 Posted on Planning 0 16

I've been told a price today and wanted to know what other people were spending and what you are getting for it.

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Latest activity by NickiK, 3 April 2011 at 22:01
  • Annah304
    Beginner April 2011
    Annah304 ·
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    We are spending about £300, with the main flowers being roses and freesias in off-white, and we are getting:

    - One pedestal in the church

    - Bridal bouquet

    - 3x bridesmaid bouquets

    - 3x mini posies for smaller bridesmaids & flowergirls

    - 2x corsages for mother of the bride & groom

    - 6x buttonholes for best man etc (including a slightly more embellished one for groom)

    Here are some pics to give you an idea of what we are going for:

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  • Simplycharming
    Simplycharming ·
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    I spent just over 300 for ours when I got married last June.

    We had

    1 brides shower bouquet

    2 adult bridesmaid boquets

    4 double buttonholes

    10 single buttonholes

    1 flowergirl wand

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  • F
    Beginner October 2011
    fatbride ·
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    My flowers cost less than £300 and for that i have got;

    1 hand tied bridal bouquet with lisianthis, gerberas and other purple flowers i cant think of!

    2 brides maids same as mine only smaller

    2 flower girl wands (large gerbera with ribbons etc on)

    5 button holes including a more fancy one for the groom

    2 corsages

    2 thank you bouquets

    and 8 table center pieces (6 large lily vase with a single gerbera, bear grass and coloued cube things in the vase and 2 small square vase with the same types of flowers in my bouquet for top table)

    I live in the North east if that helps as i know prices vary depending on where you are.

    Also get a quote from more than one florist as the first one i went to was extrosionate and the one i went with is the more "up market" if you like out of them both.

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  • VikingPrincess
    Beginner December 2011
    VikingPrincess ·
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    I have only just returned from my appointment with the florist I chose in the end after getting quotes from about 5 others. I am paying £275 for the following:

    1 round bride's bouquet as below:

    3 Bridesmaids' muff corsages similar to this but more like my bouquet:

    5 Buttonholes (1 special for the groom):

    2 Mothers' handbag corsages similar but not identical to these;

    2 Ceremony table candelabra decorations (later to be moved at either end of the Top Table):

    1 Top table decor:

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  • NikiST
    Beginner July 2011
    NikiST ·
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    Bridal bouquet with calla lilies and bear-grass threaded with crystals

    Two adult bridesmaids posies, same as above but smaller

    Two flower girl calla lily wands

    5 groomsmen buttonholes

    2 MOB/MOG buttonholes

    8 single large callas to be hand-tied and displayed on registration table.

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  • jojo2
    Beginner June 2012
    jojo2 ·
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    7 tall centrepieces

    2 BM bouquets

    1 Bridal bouquet with crystals

    5 buttonholes

    1 long & low arrangement

    came in at just under 800 quid.

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  • SarB
    Beginner August 2011
    SarB ·
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    Hi there

    I aying £540 and getting:

    1 x Brides hand tied bouquest with roses freesia and lisianthus (sp?) Tied with ribon and pinned with diamantes and diamantes in the rose heads.

    4 x Bridesmaid bouquets exactly the smae as mine but smaller Im having 8 big roases with buds etc and the bridesmaids will have 4!

    1 x flower girl butterfly wand with rose.

    7 x button holes with ivory rose with grooms having a bit of lisianthus too and diamante pin.

    2 x corsages for mum and grandma

    1 x top table garland thing with all the above flowers plus hot pink germinis also to be used on registry table

    2 x top table decorations for eithr of end of top table - square mirrored plate with 4 square vases with pink germinis and green stuff!!!

    8 x table decorations I am buying the mirrored plates and fishbowls but the florist is filling each with 3 germinis. Instead of having water in the fishbowls she is filling it with some gel instead and providing me with snap lights to place under the flowers to light the vases at the evening reception

    My florist is also providing table gems and the set up of all the tables etc

    Also providing 40 confetti cones in a basket that will be filled with purple ivory and hot pink petals!!

    I dont think for what Im getting £540 is that bad!!


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  • caweena
    caweena ·
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    I've just paid for mine:

    1 x Bridal bouquet hand-tied tulips (tied so they stand upright as a table decoration at the wedding breakfast)

    2 x BM bouquet carnations in matching colours to mine (carnations were gran's favourite flower so I HAD to have them included!) - also doubling as table decorations

    10 x mens thistle buttonholes

    2 x ladies carnation corsages

    2 x Thank you bouquets for the mothers

    4 x small table decorations

    = £181.00 total

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  • W
    WhiteSparkles ·
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    £250 in total for:

    My Rose, Freesia and Lisianthus bouquet

    BMs Rose, Freesia and Lisianthus bouquet

    Mum and MILs orchid corsages

    7x Rose button holes

    7x table decorations (orchids)

    2x thank you bouquets for mum and MIL

    I'm only paying for the cost of the flowers as a family friend is doing the arrangements as a gift to us! It has meant I can have some fabulous flowers without spending a fortune! We were quoted well in excess of £500 by a number of florists initially.

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  • tinkerbelly1983
    Beginner October 2011
    tinkerbelly1983 ·
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    £365 for

    1 bridal bouquet

    2 fancy buttonholes for groom & best man

    2 rose buttonholes for Dads

    2 rose corsages for Mums

    2 large pedestal arrangements for candelabras

    & about 35 posy arrangements to go in jam jars on the table

    Not as horrendous as I thought it would be!

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  • S
    Beginner September 2011
    Sawah ·
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    Mine come to around £40 with my bouquet and button holes dont u just love silk flowers Smiley smile so so happy with them too x

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  • H
    Beginner October 2011
    Hayse-08/10/11 ·
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    £800 for the following:

    1 x bridal bouquet

    2 x bridesmaid bouquets

    1 x flowergirl bouquet

    2 x pedetals

    10 x table centre piece arrangements with vase hire included

    15 x botton holes

    3 x ladies button holes

    They're all roses- no other flowers. We got a few quotes that ranged from £500 through to £1300. We decided to go with our florist because she understood the look we were wanting and I felt confident she would do a good job on the day.

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  • tmr1234
    Beginner June 2011
    tmr1234 ·
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    We have payed £30 for 3 mens button holes 2 womens and 37 gest 1s (my mum has made them)

    and £70 for my flowers

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  • R
    Beginner May 2012
    ruby_tuesday ·
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    My flowers are £510 to include:

    - 1 brides bouquet (shower) of freesias, lisianthus, gypsophelia and possibly gerberas. Free bouquet!

    - 2 bridesmaid bouquets

    - 1 register/top table arrangement

    -8 buttonholes

    -5 centrepieces including vase hire

    - 3 thank you bouquets

    - 8 pew ends

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  • Rod
    Rod ·
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    I'm having -

    My bouquet - A shower bouquet with diamante and pearl details in it

    3 BM Posies with diamante and pearl details

    1 BM Pomander (for my step daughter)

    7 Button Holes with roses

    1 Groom buttonhole with rose and orchid

    4 corsages for mums and nans with orchids with sparkles

    8 table arrangements including 50cm martini glasses with LED lights and Mirror plates

    1 small version of the table arrangements for the register table

    2 Thank you bouquets

    = £880

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  • NickiK
    Beginner April 2012
    NickiK ·
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    We're paying £375 for:

    My bouquet - 30-ish ivory roses (avalanche, eskimo, akito) with a few rancunculus dotted around

    4 x BM bouquets - smaller versions of mine

    3 x baskets of rose petals for flower girls

    2 x fancy buttonholes (double roses) for groom and best man

    7 x buttonholes (single roses) for ushers and dads

    5 x smaller buttonholes for nephews

    2 x corsages (roses and ranunculus) for mums

    I got three quotes and the other two were £310 and £400 for the same flowers.

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