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Newbie Bride August 2023 Perthshire

How to save money doing the little things?

Lyndsay, 5 April 2021 at 08:10 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 6
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Hi there,
So my partner and I have booked a venue for 05/08/2023, it was quite expensive but does the wedding breakfast, canapés, drinks package, evening meal, accommodation for bridal party for two nights as well as couple for two nights and has all the furniture etc. already in place, so all that’s required is whatever decor you want to add. They even have hessian runners on the long tables and are adding greenery etc. However, it’s a new venue, so wasn’t 100% finished when we viewed and therefore may be more wee bits included.

I know I’m looking ages away, but already so excited and planning. Due to the price of all that I really want to save on price of other things, but also not make things look tacky. I’m really keen on foliage weddings with only a few flowers etc, would it save costs with florists making this decision over really large floral displays. I was also going to source my own decor off eBay and rustic bits from charity shops and make a foliage wall with a led light of our surname and set up an iPad as a makeshift photo booth. But I don’t know if it’s too soon to start looking.
In terms of dresses my mum has said she will buy bride and bridesmaids dresses, and my partners parents have said they will help out so I thought about suggesting they hire the men’s kilts etc. How early is too early to start looking? I’m super excited to try on dresses but aware if I go too early I might end up regretting my decision. Would this time next year be suitable? I’m trying to get my figure a bit more trim by doing things I can maintain like walking everyday, and eating just a little bit better.
Does anyone know how to contact some maybe college/ university level photographers/videographers that may be wanting to add to portfolio and be available for hire cheaper than the likes of those with 15years experience? To be honest, I hate cliche wedding photos, and feel I’d love a younger person to make things a bit interesting.
Any more advise would be great!Thanks,Lyndsay

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Latest activity by Melissab, 13 April 2021 at 13:08
  • Melissab
    Savvy Bride June 2022 Surrey
    Melissab ·
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    It’s never too early to start looking and planning. What I found though, is the more I looked, the more my ideas changed. I’ve made some purchases (June 2021 wedding). Get yourself a wedding planner (book, not person!!) mine was about £20 on Amazon, but has loads of pages to jot down notes, list possible dress/suit hire shops etc. Open up a wedding savings account and, if you haven’t already, decide on a budget. It might be a bit soon for dresses, as styles change each season and you might change your mind. You can definitely start collecting pictures of styles you like though. Are you on FB and in any local groups? If you are, try asking in there for any photography students. Most colleges will at the very least have an info email address on their website. Some may have email addresses per department. Or try phoning. A google search may also help, sometimes students may already be advertising their services at a discounted price. My partner’s sister is a florist, so I’m not sure what full costs would be. If you are also having your ceremony at your venue they should should move your flowers/foliage decor from the room you marry in to the wedding breakfast, so they can be used for the table decorations too, rather than decorating both separately.
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  • PhotographybyBillHaddon
    Rockstar Groom January 3000 Leicestershire
    PhotographybyBillHaddon ·
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    I would say this wouldn't I. But you say your venue was quite expensive. Each to their own and all that and I know that for some people the photography is not very important but after all that money you have spent and the time and effort you have put into planning every detail, do you really want to risk using someone with no experience and is using your wedding to practice.

    "Cliche wedding photos" is a very personal taste thing. When it comes to wedding photography there are 100s and 100s of choices available, have a good google I am sure that you will find someone to your taste.

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  • Jasmine
    Newbie Bride August 2023 Norfolk
    Jasmine ·
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    Congrats! I am also now also planning our wedding for August 2023 so I’m a similar position to you.

    We have also just booked an “all in” venue. It includes canapés, three course meal, drinks, evening food, accommodation etc. Yes it is expensive, but after comparing prices with loads of venues online we didn’t think there would be that much difference between an all in venue and a more self service one. It also ticks catering and accommodation off the list so two less things to worry about! We also wanted the venue locked down as August is a peak season time of year.
    I’m personally now holding off buying anything else until next year. It seems ages away but I know that what I want can change a lot between now and August 2023! I would say just use this time to gather ideas about what you want and how to get the best offer. For example, I’m not planning on dress shopping until late 2022, when all the wedding dresses are in the sales. Any decor bits you want you can save and keep an eye until they’re on sale too. That’s the advantage of having a long time to plan.
    I would say be careful with the wedding photographer. A good photographer will take the photos you want. If you don’t want “cliche photos” then tell an experienced photographer and they will accommodate. I know people who have gone for a less experienced photographer and regretted it afterwards because their big day just wasn’t captured quite right.
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  • HappyPurpleDecor18768
    Newbie Bride February 2022 Staffordshire
    HappyPurpleDecor18768 ·
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    I have a package that includes everything its so much easier!

    As for everything else look at what you yourself can do. Watch some tutorials and do your own flowers I'm making my own for the bridesmaids its costing me less than half the price.

    Try Ever pretty for bridesmaid dresses beautiful but low on cost (size up a few sizes though)

    suits direct is really good as well!

    Join the cheap wedding stuff group on FB

    Look at small sellers on etsy you can find some really good deals.

    for photography get a University student in their final year to shoot it will cost a lot less.

    that's all I can think of at the top of my head.

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  • T
    Dedicated Bride May 2022 Oxfordshire
    Tamsin ·
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    I totally agree with what Photography Bill has said - and I’d say wedding photography has moved on from those cliched 80s/90s images you may be thinking of.
    These are the photographers I went for, and there’s loads who use this ‘documentary style’ which is not about staged, cliched photos and instead focuses on capturing the day as it happens.
    Wedding photos are basically the only memento that lets you relive the day (imo) and proper ones from a professional will far outstrip what friends can manage on their phones or even nice cameras. All the best with whatever you decide!
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  • S
    Savvy Bride January 2023 East London
    Stephanie ·
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    Things I am looking at are really low price points but I hoping to make some scraping by on them. 1. Using dried leaves with a whole punch to make paper bags of 'confetti' - zero waste and free (apart from time spent in front of the telly with the whole punch!) 2. I have spoken to a local restauant and I am collecting big glass jars from them that have pickles and stuff in them and cleaning them to put long life pillar candles all around that aren't a hazard but look super romantic. 3. It might be worth looking at second hand dresses and suits, especially if you suit a more vintage style.
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