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Is anyone using a Wedding gift list from Debenhams ect?

whitewine33, 1 May 2014 at 09:47 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 5
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We have decided to have a smaller honeymoon and get our priorities in order, as we havent actually moved in together yet we need everything for a house.

From the kettle to towels we need the lot! The old fashioned way nowadays for most couples to not have moved in together first.

With this in mind i was chatting to my friend who suggested a wedding gift list at a department store where you choose items and people pay for them.

Ive only ever seen this on movies and never in all the weddings ive been to have bought anything off one of these lists.

Do you think they are a good idea? Or am i limiting myself to one store and putting my guests under pressure to pay for items?

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Latest activity by laurafish, 1 May 2014 at 14:24
  • laurafish
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    I've not had any experience of Debenhams so I'm not sure about that, but I think John Lewis is quite a popular one - I've been to weddings where the couple have a gift list from there in the past.

    Personally I'm not sure if we will have one at all, but if we do I think we might go with Amazon - they sell everything!

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  • whitewine33
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    Good point! Smiley smile If you get cash you can hit the sales aswell ?

    Just when people ask what you want i feel cheeky asking for cash and imagine getting the wedding list deilvered after the wedding would be like Christmas!

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  • T
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    I know if you use John Lewis you can put vouchers on your gift list too so guests can either buy you something you want or a voucher. If you didn't want to ask for cash you could do something similar then you could still hit the sales although you are tied to one shop. I think Debenhams offer vouchers too. Or is there a big shopping centre near you which do vouchers which can be used in any shop? You could ask for something like that to give you more choice of shop.

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  • rachd03
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    We have used debenhams and had just gift vouchers on our list as we booked our honeymoon through their Virgin concession so it will go towards that.

    Iv found it really good and simple. Plus if guests spend over X amount on your list you get a free £50 gift card Smiley smile x

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  • ClaireD*
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    I rather thought the gift list (John Lewis, Debenhams etc) was actually THE NORM. Odd that you've not come across it...

    I like to buy off gift lists - either a store list for those setting up home, or a honeymoon giftlist for those who already live together.

    I don't like giving cash, it feels weird. Unless it's the type of wedding where it is the norm and good etiquette - Greek weddings, Chinese weddings etc.

    Oh btw, the option to buy a store voucher on the gift list is a good one, and typical. Those people who don't have the inclination to go through the list and pick an item, will just select the voucher and get off the website quick!

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  • Paula @ Ollievision
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    I think the gift registries are a great idea. I have a feeling Debenhams gives you 10% extra in vouchers too, eg if your guests in total spend £1000 you get £100 of extra vouchers. Do they still do that? So even if guests want to give you cash they should give it as vouchers!

    The other point from me is a really important one. Choose an established company, eg Debenhams, John Lewis etc. My friend Catherine got married in 2008 and they used Wrap-it which was a well known wedding list registry at the time.

    2 weeks before the wedding I was watching the news and they announced Wrap-it had collapsed. Catherine lost ALL her wedding gifts as guests had been able to buy for her on Wrap-it since the february and they went bust only 2 weeks before the wedding.

    I wrote about Catherine's experience here in my article on wedding insurance... which is something else you need to be aware of.


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