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Beginner December 2014

Just had 51 syns in one meal!

Melancholie, 12 of April of 2008 at 23:36 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 3

future mil's 60th birthday and went to The Dorchester for champagne afternoon tea. Had to partake and have been really good all week, but wasn't expecting to use quite as many as 51 syns this afternoon! Hope it doesn't have too bad an effect on the scales on Tuesday...

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Latest activity by Melancholie, 13 of April of 2008 at 21:39
  • Fenella Fudge
    Beginner June 2008
    Fenella Fudge ·
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    I see lettuce featuring highly on your plate this week ?

    Dont worry about it too much. Just be extra good now!

    How was it?

    My reception venue does a gorgeous champagne afternoon tea...its out of this world!

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  • dinx
    Beginner July 2007
    dinx ·
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    Oooh yum, sounds like it was worth it though. You have to still live dammit!

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  • daisychain
    daisychain ·
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    A girl in my group had 65syns for her wedding anniversary and still lost 1.5lbs. The important thing is that you have kept count, you do still have to have a life and for a long term weight loss you need to know how to cope with these kind of situations. By having counted what you have had you have stayed in control and as long as you stuck to the plan right up to going to tea and that you have stayed on plan since it shouldn't have had too much of an affect.

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  • Melancholie
    Beginner December 2014
    Melancholie ·
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    I've been living on salad and fruit all week cos I knew I'd be using a few syns on the afternoon tea! ? I'm still within the 70 for the week, iyswim.

    Thanks for the reassurance ladies. I have been extra good before and since, but wasn't expecting to use so many. I'd banked on maybe 35. I used more in that one meal than I've used on a weekly basis for the last three months!

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