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Beginner March 2024 Merseyside

Last minute panic about church service

Stephanie, 25 of February of 2024 at 16:52 Posted on Planning 0 2
Hey! I'm getting married 6th april 24. We've got a church service followed by reception in nearby golf club. All going to plan, however the church doesn't have a middle aisle. It has two aisles which didn't bother me that much plus the Vicar said it was being renovated and there would be one aisle with new seating either side. However, the renovations have been delayed. Again I wasn't too bothered until I seen the giant pillars that fill the aisle. I can't imagine my dad and I being able to walk side by side all of the way making it a bit awkward. Has anyone experienced a similar layout. I really don't want to mess everyone around and change but also this is a key moment. Pic attached. I'd love your thoughts and opinions. The church itself is beautiful xxxLast minute panic about church service 1

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Latest activity by RomanticGreenStationery27135, 26 of February of 2024 at 20:58
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    That is odd. is it a case of they have had to move the pews across form one side for works and so now the pillar is in the way. You seem to of taken a "sneaky" shot during a Sunday service for which I think they would see no need to move the pews out of the way but for your ceremony I am sure they would move the pews to create an isle for you. Speak to the Rev with your concerns.

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    Best to ask the vicar. In a lot of churches, the pews can be moved quite easily so they may just do that for your wedding. But if not, the sooner you know, the better, so that you can work out a way around the problem.

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