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Beginner May 2008

Lighter life

SJGemini, 30 of July of 2009 at 14:59 Posted on Beauty & Wellbeing 0 9

Any experiences?

Have about 6 stone to lose and seriously considering it, but wondered what thoughts the ladies of Hitched might have.



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Latest activity by jackie24, 2 of August of 2009 at 18:06
  • Gryfon
    Gryfon ·
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    Personally I think it's very expensive and I wonder how hard/easy it is to stay at your goal weight. Saying that it's worked for some people!

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  • T
    Beginner July 2005
    TORTY ·
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    My friend started lighter life at the beggining of january this year.. I started WW on the 22 nd of january this year... we both weighted the same ( had 5 - 6 stone to lose..)she initially lost 2 stone in about 6 weeks.. but struggled to stick to it so was on it one week.. having big binges the next.. she lost about 2.5 stone is total... but has now put it all back on.. plus about 7 lb. I have lost just over 4 stone in that time. and hope to lose another stone and maybe a half in the next 3 months or so. When you start and know you have a lot to lose it seems like an impossible task.. but once you put your mind to it, its surprising how quickly you can actually lose a reasonably large amount of weight. I told myself I was going to diet for a year.. which in the scheme of the whole of your life is not really that long a time!


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  • claires
    Beginner July 2008
    claires ·
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    I did it, lost 3 stones in 10 weeks. fantastic!!!!!

    i have since put it all back on and more...and its expensive.

    i have been doing basic calorie counting for the last 5 weeks and have lost a stone already. dont feel hungry, canm eat normal foods and i am actually enjoying it.

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  • Treacle tart
    Beginner January 2006
    Treacle tart ·
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    Hmm... where do I start?

    I did this for my wedding and lost 4 stone in 4 months. I was happy with the weightloss BUT.. My hair thinned out and I starting losing it in clumps. My breath was rancid. I had terrible, terrible sweats constantly, I had terrible spots and looks malnourished. I started getting terible pains after the losing the weight and was diagnosed with gallstones. The gall stones and pancreatitis with jaundice was caused by Lighterlife. My doctor confirmed this. I had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks over an August bank holiday and missed a long awaited wedding and christening. I was then given a date (my wedding day) to have my gallbladder removed. We eventually went private at a huge expense to get it done before the wedding and I ended up having 6 weeks off work.

    I had a friend who did the diet after me and had all of the above, bar the G/stones.

    The weight went all back on within a year of my wedding and trying to lose it was a nightmare as it f*cks up your metabolism. It took me a long long time to lose it and even now I struggle. It has given me terrible psychological food issues too.

    Lighterlife is terrible. It truly is a terrible diet and I am amazed at some of the positive press coverage it gets TBH.

    Honestly, don't do it. I feel you will regret it.

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  • SJGemini
    Beginner May 2008
    SJGemini ·
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    Time for a bit of a rethink then, huh!

    Thanks all of your for your experiences. I'm a bit put off initially by the fact that having emailed the counsellor local to me about the free introductory session, she keeps asking me which one I need, when I've told her 3 -count 'em - 3 - times my magic number is 6 stone!

    I think SW might be worth investigating...

    Thanks so much for replying and well done to you who've lost all that weight, how fantastic! TT I hope you are fully recovered, what a nightmare xx

    SJ xx

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  • S
    Beginner October 2005
    SAM83 ·
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    Thanks for the replies to this thread and posting it SJG. I was seriously considering LL but am now against it.

    I have a lot to loose and have read loads of people in magazines raving on about how great it was that they lost x amount really quickly but having read the side effects TT had plus the fact that most people have put the weight (and more sometimes) back on. I think I am going to do down the healthy eating and possibly SW/WW route.

    Well done everyone who has lost thought. Its always a great achievement.

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  • Sare
    Beginner September 2002
    Sare ·
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    I think there's another Hitcher who also lost lots of weight on it, but has big health problems as a consequence.

    I think it's interesting to know that LL is based on the emergency food packs given to starving children in Ethiopia etc. They contain the bare minimum it's viewed is needed to survive (about 5-600 cals I think) . It might keep you alive but your body is still starving.

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  • sweetersong
    Beginner January 2006
    sweetersong ·
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    I think both WW or SW could be good for you depending on what type of person you are.

    WW is more counting and SW is more free range on the volume (as long as you stop when full) but certain types of healthier foods

    Both are as good as eachother it seems from experience on here, but it depends on the individual

    I have currently lost 5 stone on WW since october 1st last yr with 2 stone 6.5 lbs to go

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  • J
    jackie24 ·
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    I did the Camb diet which is similiar to Lighter Life..

    Good Points.. 1 lost 1st in 3 weeks.. and i have kept it off for the last 2 months

    Bad Points .. Expensive about £40 per week though i think LL is more

    Completely anti-social, its fine if you never go out to eat, but if you do and everyone else is eating a nice meal and you just have a shake, its pretty hard.

    Tastes disgusting !!

    And its left my body in a right mess..prior to doing this i hadnt had an attack of IBS for 2 years, now i have one most days. Its left me unable to eat the most basics of foods without rushing off to the loo.

    I wish i had never tried it. At the end of the day the VLCD's are basically starving your body, they cant be good long term. The only sensible way to lose weight is a good diet and exercise. I have another 4 stone to lose and will be following WW to get it off.

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