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Beginner June 2023 Cambridgeshire

Moomin cake topper

Chloe, 29 of June of 2022 at 11:03 Posted on Planning 1 1
Does anyone know where I can get the below from or made ? I’ve trawled through Etsy and Google but can’t find anything !

Moomin cake topper 1

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Latest activity by Millie, 1 of July of 2022 at 14:34
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    Beginner September 2022 East London
    Millie ·
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    It looks like someone about 10 years ago had something super similar made for them - a custom piece from Etsy -

    Maybe if you could find someone on Etsy who makes little wooden figures of anything, you could ask if they could do Moomins? I'm assuming the ones in the picture are wooden - but you could also ask your cake maker if they could potentially make some figures out of icing or biscuits (they actually sell Moomin biscuits on Amazon), although you couldn't keep them obviously - not for long anyway!

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