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Beginner June 2024 Leicestershire


Jodie, 4 of January of 2024 at 08:06 Posted on Off Topic Posts 0 3
Hi, happy new year! At our wedding we would like musicians not sure how it works but we would like either a harp, piano or 4 piece orchestra to play when guest arrive, when I walk down the aisle, I then would like them to play while we’re having photos an drinks, then in the evening for reception I would like them to play during the canapés and whilst the guest arrive?
Any ideas does? this sound to much?
Or anyone got someone I can use that could accommodate all this

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Latest activity by Lisa, 14 of January of 2024 at 15:57
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    Happy New Year, Jodie.
    Music sounds great and would be wonderful on such a great occasion. Herp would be best but you can also go for piano.

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    That does sound like a lot. You'll have to work out timings. Say you want them to start for a 2pm ceremony - that will mean they will need to be onsite to set up from around 1pm. 2pm aisle walk, ceremony, post ceremony photos and drinks from sat 2.30-3.30?
    Then evening canapes 6.30? Until evening guests arrive at 730?

    So they'd be onsite from 1-8pm ish? What will they do for the 3 hours between 330 and 630?
    Basically, they will need to be onsite for a long time for the sort of thing you want and so you'll be paying a very high price for this.
    It's also long bouts of playing time - some quartets may only do 30-40min sets at a time...
    You might be better off having different musicians for the first part then second part. Best thing to do would be to contact an entertainment agency who can tell you what musicians are available for your date and how long they're prepared to be onsite/play for
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    Beginner June 2024 Leicestershire
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    Yes I’m think this it what I might have to do, do you have any good musicians in mind?
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