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Wedding planning is fun but sometimes it's good to take a break! Grab a cup of tea and chat to your fellow forum members about anything and everything that isn't wedding planning related.



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Help with questionnaire on wedding website
Robyn, 22 of February of 2024 at 12:54

Hi all I created a questionnaire on my wedding website but I can't see who has responded. If I go into the "Edit" view I can see 2 people have responded but not who they are. I unfortunately need to...

Doris, 3 hours ago 4 84
Ex wife at wedding
Cazpot88, 9 of February of 2024 at 11:02

Hey beauts, I don't know if this is the right section to post this in Me and my fiance have decided to invite his ex wife and her partner to our wedding in August 2025 The reason is because my...

Doris, 5 hours ago 13 417
Thank you gifts
Amelia, 8 of May of 2024 at 19:21

What are people getting as thank you gifts for parents? Really unsure what to get mine and my MIL, but I know I want to get them something as they've contributed so much to our big day. I really want...

Greeny, yesterday at 09:19 4 75
With the right support you can recover your coins
Edvin, 7 of March of 2024 at 16:03

Hi, about a week ago my ETH was transferred to a wallet address I do not recognize. I never did this nor do I approve the transaction. I feel like I have been hacked/phished. I was able to trace this...

Greeny, yesterday at 08:46 8 74
Mrs Vineweevil
I need a can't fail cookie recepie please......
Mrs Vineweevil, 8 of October of 2008 at 13:28

I must learn not to burn my cookie attempts in my fan oven, but even those unburnt one's aren't always that great, any suggestions???

Sazert54, thursday 16-May-24 10 1,620
Dental phobia - can anybody help?
Notquiteme, 3 of March of 2013 at 12:08

Even though I'm not a 'regular' poster here (more of a lurker with a few hundred posts to my name), I'm still too embarrassed to post this under my usual username. In fact, it's taken me a week or so...

Jennifer, thursday 16-May-24 12 3,237
Moving house - packing tips?
RuthG, 23 of March of 2009 at 16:33

We're (hopefully) moving house a week on friday (it's only taken 18 months!) I've not really moved house before, other than moving out of my parents and into this house, but that was only 1 bedroom of...

Joseph, wednesday 15-May-24 30 2,562
Advice on invoicing a company in administration
Clairy, 16 of January of 2009 at 17:23

Adams (the childrenswear shop) owes my business several hundred pounds. It was their Hull branch that booked the advert, but they have since announced they are going into administration. However, they...

Glenna, wednesday 15-May-24 6 1,173
car part exchange question
bingy, 12 of June of 2009 at 10:26

We're about to go shopping for a new car, as yet undecided whether to go for something brand new or a couple of years old - depends on the offers available! We have a car to part exchange, it's 8...

Everald, wednesday 15-May-24 16 4,422
do you play the lottery ?
, 16 of January of 2013 at 16:35 so tickets are going up to £2 but if you get 3 numbers you will win £25 instead...

Falanga, tuesday 14-May-24 16 1,096
Adding Hotel links
David, 27 of January of 2024 at 13:02

Can you add a link for guests to click on to an external hotel website?

Alfred, tuesday 14-May-24 5 52
Discontinued MFI furniture
Sare, 13 of April of 2009 at 15:32

I really, really want to buy a sideboard and I'd love to have it from the same range as my TV unit, bought from MFI. Although it's flatpack, it's nice and chunky and I like the colour. I could just...

Alisher, tuesday 14-May-24 3 2,424
Toxic friendship
Sara, 13 of May of 2024 at 00:23

Evening so I’m getting married in 14 days, and I haven’t spoken to this friend for a month, I’ve known this friend for 35 years we been to the same schools, collage, we had the same friends, Ive been...

Sara, tuesday 14-May-24 1 35 1
Nightmare Mum & Sister
Brittany, 11 of April of 2024 at 19:44

Hiya, I wondered if anyone has been through a similar situation and can offer any advice… My sister and mum detest my Aunty due to some family issues a few years ago and have therefore kicked off...

Everald, monday 13-May-24 15 582
Any advice for my troublesome, very sensitive skin?
, 1 of March of 2016 at 23:20

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone out there would be able to give me some advice, provide recommendations, etc for my skin. I have had eczema since I was six weeks old and always suffered with my...

Shree, monday 13-May-24 10 2,685
Koshka, 30 of June of 2008 at 10:11

I was nominated by my brother to cook profiteroles for a family meal today. We're meeting and I think/feel trying to impress his new girlfriend. I followed the Gorden Ramsey recipe, placing them on...

Valerie, monday 13-May-24 25 2,290
Condensation ruining window sill
Buttons, 17 of November of 2008 at 11:52

We have wooden window sills and live in a fairly cold house resulting in wet windows (condensation) and stains on the window sills. If that isn't bad enough we've started noticing mould right in the...

Doris, thursday 9-May-24 15 11,388
Shampoo Recommendations
quackers, 17 of December of 2012 at 14:58

Right I have an issue with shampoo, My hair gets very greasy very quickly with a lot of them, or I get horrid dandruff! What do you use? I can't use pantene as it makes my hair fall out. Head and...

Kammal, thursday 9-May-24 18 1,258
Coffee machines
Flowmojo, 9 of October of 2012 at 14:20

So as of Saturday (yes, we are talking 4 days) Mr F has taken to drinking coffee and has requested a coffee machine for his birthday, specifically one that makes cappuccinos..yes im rolling my eyes at...

Osborn, wednesday 8-May-24 20 2,499
Having laminate flooring in a new build?
SAM83, 3 of September of 2009 at 11:30

I am having a new house built and have been told by Persimmon who are building it that we cannot have laminate flooring as its a new house. We went to a carpet shop yesterday to arrange to get a quote...

Gia, tuesday 7-May-24 15 14,473 1
Sole trader versus company
Pittabre, 11 of December of 2013 at 20:54

When does a sole trader become a company, or even why? What is the difference and why might somebody eb a sole trader as opposed to a company?

BarryHolt, tuesday 7-May-24 6 2,144
Is it safe to travel Italy?
HappyRedStationery5420, 19 of June of 2020 at 09:15

Is it safe to travel to Italy in next 2 months as I wish to spend some good time before Summer ends

Shree, monday 6-May-24 2 490
Window repair in an old house
Olivia, 27 of September of 2023 at 08:36

Hi all! My parents gave me a wedding gift. This is our family house in a small cozy town. This is a great place. My grandfather built this house and my husband and I want to live there. but first we...

Yijij62862, wednesday 1-May-24 13 243
Fire drill.
Ali_G, 21 of August of 2012 at 11:05

Haha! Every Tuesday, we have a fire drill. The maintenance guy says over the tannoy "Staff announcement, we are about to test the fire alarms, please do not take any action." ... Fire alarm goes...

Robort125, wednesday 1-May-24 14 1,225
How to delete my account?
, 17 of October of 2013 at 15:21

Hi, Can anyone tell me or knows how I can delete my account please?

Witaya, tuesday 30-Apr-24 11 2,918 1
Asiakathleen, 30 of April of 2024 at 14:21

Hello I've set up a rsvp on canva, it's asking for a url I'm wanting to use this app so they can rsvp to it. What do I use as the url and where would the rsvp list appear for me to view thank you

Asiakathleen, tuesday 30-Apr-24 5
Cat food - which is best?
, 24 of September of 2008 at 19:54

Usually my cat has wet food, she's been having Tesco's Premium Supermeat recently, I tried her on Whiskas but it didn't agree with her, and she turned her nose up at it after a day or so. Then...

Shree, monday 29-Apr-24 40 2,725
How long for a cheque to clear?
Leanne (MsA), 22 of April of 2008 at 22:00

I paid a cheque into my account last Thursday morning (bank with Barclays). It has been showing on my balance since last Friday but not my cleared balance. Any idea as I am getting impatient! TIA

Kihec24, monday 29-Apr-24 6 2,542
Shellac question
skyrocket, 2 of December of 2011 at 10:34

I have had my first Shellac yesterday. I decided that regular manicures I always screw up on the drive home and smudge so for the wedding something pretty much welded onto my nails was best. My nails...

Avani, thursday 25-Apr-24 4 736
What was the best/most thoughtful wedding present you received?
Wuzzle, 6 of January of 2009 at 12:05

My best friend is getting married in a few months and I am being her briedsmaid. I want to get them something really special as a present but am drawing a blank on ideas. She loves chocolate, so I was...

Arcturus, wednesday 24-Apr-24 28 40,317
Do night schools exist anymore?
, 22 of February of 2009 at 09:00

I'm not even sure I'm asking with the right phrase. My Dad did O & A levels at night school (is that what it's called?), back in the mists of time. I did my A Levels at 6th Form, but lately have...

Garold, monday 22-Apr-24 12 1,888
best way to collect video messages?
AnnaBanana, 21 of April of 2009 at 13:34

Couldn't think of a better title - sorry! Its my parent's 30th Anniv in July and im planning a surprise lunch and will invite some of their best friends. however most of their long term best friends...

Alfred, thursday 18-Apr-24 2 869

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