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Newbie Bride August 2020 Northamptonshire

Overs 50 wedding dress

Sasha, 5 April 2021 at 22:12 Posted on Wedding Planning 2 9
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Im getting married in August,I have just turned 50 last week, my dress has ruffles and now I'm wondering if thats a bit much for my age ?

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Latest activity by Amy, 14 April 2021 at 08:22
  • Amy
    Newbie Bride October 2021 Cambridgeshire
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    No. Not too much. And sod what other people think. It's *your* wedding.
    I'm getting married this year, I will be nearly 50, and to top that, this is wedding #3. I had a short and disastrous marriage in my 20s, then was married for a long time to someone who I was really unhappy with, but not I'm with my soul mate. I didn't have a wedding dress each time before - the first time was a rush.job and the second I was too embarrassed to have one as it was a second wedding.
    Well, this time I'm going full on meringue with awesome skirt, in ivory, and any judgy people can go whistle, frankly! I'm going to have the day I wanted at last. So seriously, enjoy your ruffles sister. Xxxx
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  • R
    Rockstar Bride July 2020 Monmouthshire
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    You love it, you wear it. It's your WEDDING DAY - when else can you wear your dream dress?!!!

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  • E
    Savvy Bride October 2022 East London
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    Everything is age appropriate if you look fabulous in it. Anyone who says differently should be banished from your wedding. Its your day! Xx
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  • K
    Newbie Bride July 2021 North West London
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    Absolutely not ! It's your wedding and you should wear dress that you want to wear 馃榾
    I'm sure you will look fabulous on your wedding!
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  • HappyPurpleDecor18768
    Newbie Bride February 2022 Staffordshire
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    No of course not ! Age is literally just a number and ruffles are for everyone that wants them please don't let your age stop you from having your dream dress

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  • D
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    Ruffles are not only for younger ladies. It is indeed your wedding day, and by all means, you have the right to wear the best dress for your best day.

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  • T
    Newbie Bride September 2021 Norfolk
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    The main thing is that you are happy with it and you feel comfortable in it and wearing it. Nothing else matters ..
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  • Wendy
    Newbie Bride June 2021 Devon
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    Not at all I'm over 50 it's my 3rd time too never had a wedding dress before so I am going with the whole bridal dress, I was worried about what people will think but my OH has been married before but never had the bride looking bridal so I am doing it for us both and planning like its our first time it's creating happy memories too xx
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  • S
    Savvy Bride January 2023 East London
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    Wear EXACTLY what makes to feel great and be more extreme in your clothes as you get older!! I hope you rock it!
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