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Beginner August 2024 Kent

People unable to access wedding website

Francesca, 11 of June of 2024 at 21:49 Posted on Off Topic Posts 1 3

Hi, we have sent links to our website to our guests, but some are having trouble accessing it. The links we sent don't work for some people and it says 'access denied.' Some people can't even access the main Hitched site via Google.

Has anyone else had this problem? How can we fix it?


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Latest activity by Bestwriter, 9 of July of 2024 at 18:04
  • Manabu
    Manabu ·
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  • Y
    Yannick ·
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    Thanks, your comments was helpful

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  • Shree
    Curious March 2019 Karnataka
    Shree ·
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    Some guests are having trouble accessing your wedding website, receiving "access denied" messages. Check your privacy settings and verify the links. Advise guests to clear their browser cache and try different browsers. Contact Hitched support for assistance. Consider providing alternative access and update all guests with troubleshooting steps.

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