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Beginner October 2024 South Yorkshire

Period due on wedding day - help needed!

Christie, 25 of February of 2024 at 18:50 Posted on Planning 0
Hi all!

I'm very regular and according to my period tracker, I will start my period on my wedding day! Obviously I want to avoid this as much as possible! White dress, logistics, pain etc!!
I am currently not on the pill or any other form of contraception as this is my choice for my health.
I have looked into period delay tablets and because my BMI is above a certain number, I may not get the popular one (according to super drug website) and may be offered an alternative.
Despite this, has anyone been in or are in a similar situation? Has anyone had the tablets before? I am considering trying it a month or so before the wedding to get any side effects out of the way. If I take a month or so before and my period comes a few days after stopping the tablets, does a new cycle start after 28 days or does it begin on your old dates? If that makes sense?
For e.g. period due on the 10th, tablets taken to push back to 20th. The next month, does it start a new cycle or will it be a shorter cycle?
Hope someone can help!!!

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