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Photographer for evening?

Hannah, 11 June 2021 at 11:16 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 2
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Hi everyone

We have an awesome photographer but he only stays with us until an hour after the first dance. I wondered if anyone had any ideas/recommendations for the rest of the eve, which is the main party?

I was thinking of trying to find a photography student/someone wanting to build their portfolio for this part? Or are there any other ideas? We have a photo booth but it is only in the afternoon (it's in an old horse box so wouldn't work for the PM)

Wedding is in West Midlands in April 2022.


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    To be honest anything later than that the shots are not really going to be that special. By that I mean the photos may not be that different from what any friends or family will be taking on their phones as people start getting merry or drunk at that time.

    After the first dance and maybe some sunset or floodlit shots (depending on the time of year ) then 45 mins of dancefloor action and candid shots of any evening guests that they recognise are new faces to the day then there really isn't much more to be done unless something extra is planned for later like a band or fireworks/ sparklers. If you have done your job properly since 10 am at the bridal prep than you can find yourself running things to photograph and you may end up paying extra for a load of evening shots that are not great quality and all look the same.

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    1) You should be able to get all the photos you need before your photographer leaves

    2) Night time party shots especially when everyone is mingling & dancing are HARD to get right - when friends have used mediocre photographers, that's when the lack of skill has really shown up. So I doubt a beginner is going to be able to get anything much better than your guests will, using their phones.

    If there are any specific shots you want, tell your official photographer. For the rest of the evening, ask guests to forward you any good pics they get.

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