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realistically - how long to pack up and move out....?

Hubble, 26 of October of 2008 at 14:02 Posted on Off Topic Posts 0 5

I am in procrastination and denial mode. The house we've been building for about 18 months is apparently going to be ready for us to move into THIS WEEEEEEEEEK.

(providing someone magics up some kitchen work tops, an entire utility room, 3 loos, 3 sinks, 4 walls of tiles, the gas connection for the cooker, all the carpets upstairs and the steps up to the front door... oh, and a final coat of paint.... ) So you'll forgive me if i kind of don't believe we're going ANYwhere this week.

ANYway - i have done beggar all about packing up this house. I am a hoarding clutter queen and i have a LOT of stuff to sort out and i don't want to just transfer all our junk to the new place -

we have a 2 bedroom house atm - a living room, dining room and heaps of kitchen stuff - books and cds and records number in the thousands.... 15 billion tonnes of clothes that don't fit me.... that kind of thing, and enough random half used cosmetics to beautify a small nation. I just don't know where to start. i could weep. I am a proper Internet Ostrich. Hitched is the new Sand!!

realistically - how long might it take to box it all up....?? It's proabbly a piece of sting question really - but how long did it take you to move out? I've only ever moved out of places when it was just me before - not a h and 1 yr old as well!!

Help. we both have this week off work. Where do i begin!!!!?

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Latest activity by Anwar, 25 of January of 2024 at 17:02
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    peanut ·
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    Bit different but we moved from a 5 bed house to this 2.5 bed house (work provided accommodation).. It took one guy the weekend to pack us entirely up with us helping by dismantling beds etc..

    However when we move back next year (YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE), it will take 3-4 days they reckon as we have expanded our family by one and another arriving at the start of next year)..

    The guy was a professional but aslong as the house is neat with most things in the right place, it doesn't take long.

    On another point - my parents house just took 3 weeks to get one bathroom fitted.. the tiler took 9 days to tile?

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  • badkitti*
    Beginner October 2007
    badkitti* ·
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    FWIW I love the feeling of decluttering before a move. When we left the rental in december to store stuff in a friend's house I had stuff gong on freecycle all the time - excess kitchen stuff made a few "new home starter kits" for people starting out on their own for the first time and that was fantastic to here - someone somewhere is sitting in their first ever own place drinking tea in a mug i gave them and lookign at the whole thing around them.

    It was also good to just gird loins and have a ruthless chuck of ugly/old/tatty/was never going to slim into and then i want new stuff anyways clothes. Made dressing easier anyways.

    Books were more difficult, dvds and viseos less so.

    Persuading H to get rid of stuff was really hard however. Am hoping to do another chuck out when we come back to the UK as we won't have used most of the stuff.

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  • Cherry Garcia
    Beginner November 2017
    Cherry Garcia ·
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    We did it in a day. Movers arrived at 8am and everything was packed up (by them) and unloaded again by 6pm. We only moved a few streets though but the actual packing and loading took probably 8 hours. We had a 2 bed house.

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  • RoseyRo
    Beginner January 2013
    RoseyRo ·
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    I moved in April and paid for the packing service simply as I got to the point of no return with decluttering and truly couldn't face packing it all up. (highly recommend getting someone to do if for you!)

    However, i am glad I did manage most of the decluttering. Assuming that everything is together in one place, i.e. books together, dvds together etc, just start making piles or popping things straight into boxes. One to go, one to ebay (if you can face it), one for freecycle etc. If you can get a room done a day, by the end of the week you'll be completely done.

    Good luck - seems like a hellva a job, but break it down and it's not as horrendous as you think!

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  • essexmum
    Beginner August 2009
    essexmum ·
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    We got the packers in last time we moved (6 months ago) and it took 2 men from 8am till around 2pm to pack up the entire house (3 bedroom, living room, kitchen and outhouse). we also lived in an over-cluttered environment as well and I was amazed at how quickly they did it

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