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Beginner June 2025 South West London

Second dress advice

Nick, 18 of July of 2023 at 10:40 Posted on Wedding Attire 0 5

I’m after some advice on wearing a second wedding dress for the dancing in the evening. Has anyone else done this and / or thinking about it?
What time do you change? Did you allocate a set time / place to change?
I’d like my first dance to be in my main dress but then I’d envisioned changing into a smaller dress that’s easier to dance in for the rest of the night but if we go straight from our first dance into more dancing. I’m not sure when is best. Any advice or tips would be appreciated!
Also, have you kept this a surprise from your Fiancé and/or guests?
Thanks in advance,Justine

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Latest activity by Bunker, 26 of July of 2023 at 18:24
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    Dedicated October 2023 Greater Manchester
    MrsM2B ·
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    I’m not planning on changing my dress but a friend of my bought a second dress but never ended up putting it on. That’s my only experience, sorry I can’t be more help.
    I think if you did get one it would be nice to keep it as a surprise. x
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  • Valyria
    Savvy October 2026 West Sussex
    Valyria ·
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    I don't have any experience myself, but I've had friends who have changed into another dress after the first dance. they literally just pop off for 20mins or so after the first dance, change and come back for further dancing whilst all the other guests are occupied with drinking and dancing.

    Most of them told their Husbands that they were going to do this, but it might be nice to keep it a surprise Smiley smile

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  • S
    Rockstar July 2024 Cumbria
    Shay ·
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    Hi Nick! My friend had 2. A lace one with long sleeves for the day. She got married at 1pm and by 7pm she wore an identical one but plain for the rest of the evening. The real reason she had 2 was because she got bored one day and decided to walk into a shop and try on more after she had one. My mother in law is suggesting I buy a smaller one just incase there is a heatwave but I don’t want too. We all knew my friend was changing so did her fiancé. It really is up to you what you do.
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  • N
    Curious December 2026 Somerset
    Natasha ·
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    I have got 2 dresses, big and sparkly with a long train for the ceremony and meal and then a big red ballgown with no sparkle or train to change into (I've always wanted a red dress but didn't quite feel comfortable enough with it for the main part of the day and we're having a Christmas wedding so it works well!) My fiance knows I'm changing and he is as well (from his army uniform to a suit) but not the details of my second dress. We haven't decided when exactly yet but thinking after the meal so we don't spill anything on fresh outfits (I am seriously clumsy!) And will be a surprise for everyone when we return to for our first dance. We aren't having extra evening guests so we don't need to take into consideration them seeing our main outfits.
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  • Bunker
    Beginner June 2019 Karnataka
    Bunker ·
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    As indicated by Amazing Marriage, some second-time ladies decide to wear floor-length evening sheath dresses.

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