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Beginner May 2024 Cheshire

Send rsvp via text/whatsapp

Stephen, 9 of February of 2024 at 19:09 Posted on Feedback to Hitched 1

Hi, we are at the point where we want to send out invites and we are planning on doing a mix of paper invites for those invited to the ceremony and online invites for everyone else. We have a wedding website on Hitched with the RSVP form, so we can just direct guests to this for responding. However, when selecting the option to send out the RSVP links it appears the only option is email. We don't have email addresses for everyone, and these days people are more likely to respond to a WhatsApp or Facebook message anyway.

Is there a way we can send out an invitation message along with a link to the wedding website RSVP page via text, or is it only email? I thought another option would be to create an online invitation on a different website and then send a link to the Hitched RSVP form, but when I Google around it seems all the other online wedding invite providers assume you will use their RSVP tracking. I don't really want to track the RSVPs in two places, that seems a bit ridiculous.

I guess my question is if I can't send out RSVP requests from Hitched to a phone number does anyone know of another provider where I can include a custom link in the invite? This way I could just download the invite with the link and send it whatever way I preferred e.g. text, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

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