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Savvy May 2024 Bedfordshire

Separate photographer or not?

Sarah, 25 of February of 2024 at 00:23 Posted on Honeymoons & Getting Married Abroad 0 4
We are getting married in Mauritius and taking a package the hotel offer, it will be just the two of us, no guests. The package includes only 36 photos by their photographer, but getting a local photographer is quoting around £400 for around 300 photos. I'm not sure to the extent of 300 photos when it is just us two, they would do getting ready, ceremony, and afterwards which would be nice to show friends and family when we get back. My H2B thinks 36 is enough but I'm not sure that will capture everything.
Thoughts anyone please, what would you do? X

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Latest activity by Sarah, 22 of March of 2024 at 12:20
  • PhotographybyBillHaddon
    Super January 3000 Leicestershire
    PhotographybyBillHaddon ·
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    No 36 will not be enough but they may be operating a business model where they "up sell" extra photos to you which may end up costing the same as the other.

    300 sounds a lot but consider that there could be 2 or 3 of each separate shot when it come to detail shots, shots of dress hanging up shots of the ceremony area, candid walking down the isle shots. then when it comes to just the two of you in some stunning scenery they will be wanting to get various angles, some closer some wide some posed some natural. Best to have too many than not enough to give you a good selection to choose your favourites.

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  • R
    VIP July 2020 Monmouthshire
    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    I would pay for the separate photographer. Apart from your wedding rings, the photos are the only lasting things you have from your wedding, so it makes no sense to skimp on them, especially if that is going to be the only way that your family and friends get to experience your wedding.

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  • Hampshire Wedding Photographer
    Hampshire Wedding Photographer ·
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    This is why most couples who get married hire a destination wedding photographer, although considerably more expensive, we've seen the photographic quality of some of the 'venue photographers' who are usually friends of the family, or in one case, the bar staff! 36 is not enough photographs in the least. I would hire the other photographer depending on the quality of their work or look to seek a destination photographer from the UK. Reminds me of a time when I photographed a wedding in Bali alongside the 'hotel photographer' who then was also serving canapés when the camera was put down.

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  • S
    Savvy May 2024 Bedfordshire
    Sarah ·
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    They had a larger package with more photos and to be there for longer but after requesting to see a portfolio of the hotels photographer we didnt like the style it quite brochure like so will definitely be hiring our own, like you say a bit more expensive but will be worth it in getting what we want and good takeaway from the day. That's funny to be serving canapes when you'd expect them to just be a photographer! Thanks for sharing your experience
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