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Should we postpone or not?

Sarah Sharman, yesterday at 09:34 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 2
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Me and my fiance are due to get married on 4th June 2021. We have booked a wedding for 60 guests, we originally only wanted a small wedding 30 to 50 people but that was just the package available. Looking at the government guidelines announced yesterday it looks like it may be possible to go ahead with 30 guests which would suit us fine. The trouble is we aren't going to know until 17th May and this is cutting it close to have to drop down to 15 guest which I'm not sure if I'd be happy with or not. Me and my finance just want to get married but also we want they day to be lovely after all it can be expensive. Is it worth postponing to have the day with no restrictions but then again no one really knows when this will be. We also have a honeymoon to Greece booked straight after the wedding and we woundnt want to go on the honeymoon without getting married. It's just so difficult to make a decision as the government have said a lot of things which have changed last minute and it would just be horrible to have to postpone so last minute. I wondered what other people's thoughts were on this especially those due to get married in early June 2021?

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    Tricky one this as you're such on the cusp. Remember the guidelines say that it would only be 30 people allowed OUTSIDE, so if there are indoor elements, your venue might not even let you? Otherwise only 6 will still be allowed together indoors.

    And you're right, you'll only know on May 10th (a week before the 17th when the changes are due) if those changes will happen so depends on how flexible your guests can be?

    We're September so can't be of too much help, but we have a lot of guests coming from all over, so I would've re-arranged it if i was early June as it would just be too stressful otherwise, but everyone has different thoughts about this thing. Hopefully you'll get some more clarity soon!

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    As usual with these "first draft" announcements they have left out some important info or any clarity.

    Weddings can go ahead with 15 from 12th april to May 16 but there is no clarification on where. I am sure that once they get a bigger fag packet they will add some more info within the next couple of days.

    Its because they don't seem to ask the people in the industry, I think they just said "weddings" and expect them to be inside. This happend last time untill a couple of days later when "approved covid secure premises" were added to the guidance.

    They also say you can have a reception but the roadmap only allows for outside hospitality between the april and may 17th in step 2.

    step 3 from 17th may to June 21st will allow weddings and receptions of 30 and indoor hospitality also allowed at that point.

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