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Stepmother of the Bride

StepmotherQuestions, 16 of September of 2023 at 23:19 Posted on Etiquette and Advice 1 1

My stepdaughter is getting married next year. She just got engaged. She has already said something to my husband, her father, about not inviting my sister, her Aunt since she was 10, but inviting my parents. She is inviting his sister. Why am I feeling offended by this? Should I? My sister has been involved in almost every birthday since she has met her 19 years ago.

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Latest activity by RomanticGreenStationery27135, 17 of September of 2023 at 10:01
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    No, you should not be offended.

    Finalising the guest list for a wedding is probably the hardest wedding-task that most couples have to face. Balancing budget/space with the number of people who expect an invitation is incredibly difficult, and it's almost inevitable that someone is going to feel upset and left out unless you have the money to fund a limitless guest list.

    Your stepdaughter and her fiancé have to make the cutoff point somewhere. They may feel that step-grandparents are closer than step-aunts. Also, his family dynamics will impact on this decision. Inviting your sister may make it harder for him not to invite some of his relatives, which in turn will raise the expectation that others are invited...

    If we'd invited everyone that my family expected to be invited to our wedding, there wouldn't even have been room on the guest list for my OHs mother, never mind any of his family and friends!

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